HDR NEWS ALERT: Senate Tables Boehner Bill

Wow….that was fast, especially for the Senate. It usually takes them forever to do anything (like pass a budget – it’s been over 800 days.) http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/07/29/senate-tables-boehner-bill/?emc=na

So let’s see…..which Party is “The Party of No”????


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4 responses to “HDR NEWS ALERT: Senate Tables Boehner Bill”

  1. giliar says :

    Very insightful thoughts, David! Of course, the card 0bama has is that he chooses who gets paid if we run short. Will he keep the seniors from getting their SS checks….the military? This may have been an effective strategy for the Dems 10 or even 4 years ago, but it will fail miserably now (due to new media and the HUGE numbers of anti-Marxists now online….FYI, we RULE Twitter!) So the point is, even though they control the main-lame-stream media channels, no one pays attention to them anymore because they are bought by 0bama money. And EVERYONE knows that….even they do!

  2. mrethman says :

    It’s dispiriting to witness how many right-thinking minds have been co-opted by the likely myth that “we simply must do something” before Tuesday. Really? Why? First of all, the Tuesday date is largely arbitrary. Second, money continues to come in to pay on debt service. Third, it’ll be revealing to see who the Obama Administration fears the least when it comes to not paying its other obligations on time — their choice entirely. Fourth, it may be our only chance in these times to get a balanced budget amendment passed by Congress — such a sea change is not achievable other than when no single party controls DC and only goes hand-in-hand over-the-top rhetoric regarding the “disaster” that awaits us if we don’t up the debt limit without getting something genuinely meaningful in return.. Huzzah for the Tea Party!

    • giliar says :

      And when the American people see that the Armageddon that is supposed to hit on Tuesday is just a ripple, the jig for the Dems – especially the 0bamessiah – will be up.

  3. David says :

    Harry Reid did 5 minutes on the “filibuster” stump before Durbin and Schumer tried to nail down the ‘scare.’ They probably lost more folks than they convinced. I’m not sure whether the Dems are “all in” for Cloward and Piven, but they surely are stoking that train’s locomotive.

    According to C&P, financial chaos is the critical element for driving the masses to the government’s open arms. If the Dems want to they can force the US to the threat of default. The question is which form of default? It seems that the masses are made up of two loose groups. Those who are truly entitled and those whose votes are bought and paid for with entitlement funding. If the US pays its interest payments, military, ex military, social security and medicare, then runs out of money as they say they will, won’t that be the Dems driving their own constituency into financial crisis? What effect does that have on the voting psyche in the Liberal camp? If jobs were available, wouldn’t that seem the logical alternative to government payments? Doesn’t employment rise, once again to the forefront of our country’s economic concerns?

    My point is not that complicated though. It is,simply, that the collateral damage to the faith which voters have in their own government is going to be humongous if these idiots allow a major financial upheaval over something they could fix fairly easily. With that point in mind, look back at every example of that in our history. The next election flushes out a host of barnacles and buys a lot of fresh water.

    Maybe the Tea Party has the Republicans playing this just right.

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