HDR 182: Barack Obama’s Broken Record

ALOHA, ALL!  Yes, you can take that title two ways:  his record is broken AND he sounds like a broken record.  Barry/Barack repeated the same old tired rhetoric Monday night in his prime-time speech.  In fact, not a minute into the speech, he blamed Bush.  Good grief, Barry!  Don’t you know that trite meme isn’t working anymore, even with your peeps?  (See below.)  Who is writing your speeches, anyway?  Some think there shouldn’t even be a debt-ceiling limit.  What’s the purpose if all they keep doing is raising it anyhow?  It’s an arbitrary number they seem to come up with and then increase when they need more money.  It’s meaningless.  Thomas Sowell agrees (thanks to Scott for the link):  Debt-Ceiling Chicken.  “Regardless of what it is supposed to do, what the national debt-ceiling actually does is enable any administration to get all the political benefits of runaway spending for the benefit of their favorite constituencies — and then invite the opposition party to share the blame, by either raising the national debt ceiling, or by voting for unpopular cutbacks in spending or increases in taxes.”  Yep.

Then there’s this:  Downgrade Could Come As Early As Friday  “…the debt ceiling is actually a secondary condition to the ratings agencies. The problem, as they see it, is not that America can’t pay its debts next month, but that America has grown its debt to such a degree that we can’t pay them in the long run without serious restructuring of the federal government — and this administration refuses to consider it…”  Yep.

Here’s an EXCELLENT analysis from The Heritage Foundation:  Recovery Stalled After Obamacare Passed  “Private-sector job creation initially recovered from the recession at a normal rate, leading to predictions last year of a “Recovery Summer.” Since April 2010, however, net private-sector job creation has stalled. Within two months of the passage of Obamacare, the job market stopped improving. This suggests that businesses are not exaggerating when they tell pollsters that the new health care law is holding back hiring.”

Survey says:  0bama Losing His Base   “President Barack Obama is losing support from his base, according to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll released on Tuesday that finds his backing from liberals and African-Americans has plummeted. The percentage of liberal Democrats who strongly support the president’s job policies has dropped in the past year, from 53 percent to 31 percent, the poll shows. The falloff among blacks is even more stark: From 77 percent supporting his record on the economy last year to just over 50 percent in 2011.”

Those racist Tea Partiers!  Black Tea Party Members to Protest NAACP  “The black-led South Central L.A. Tea Party (whose motto is “Power to the People”) is reportedly planning a protest against the NAACP at the organization’s 102nd annual convention in Los Angeles on July 24….“The NAACP is a tool of the Obama administration,” Peterson said. He added, “For decades this group has supported left-wing policies which have created dependency, destroyed black families and hurt race relations.”  OOPS!!!

Natalie & Gilia at the 2010 Smart Girl Summit

This should make your blood boil!  Texas Court Clerk Faces Jail Time Over Pledge of Allegiance, Prayer  “Last week, Natalie Nichols, a County Clerk in Bowie, stood up to a judge and refused to erase the pledge and prayer from the official minutes of the county commissioner’s meeting. For standing on principle, she could end up paying a fine, or even go to jail.”  The picture is me and Natalie at last year’s Smart Girl Summit in Washington DC.  I had met Natalie before at a meeting in Dallas.  I can tell you from personal experience that she is an intelligent, dedicated, determined individual whose sense of “right and wrong” is spot-on.  Just watch the video in the above link of her appearance on Fox News.  “If I need to go to jail for standing up this country and for God, I will do so,” she told Fox News in an interview Monday morning. “A lot of people bled and died for this country, I’m risking a little bit of jail time. I’m okay with that.”  If you’re so inclined, here’s Natalie’s website:  Natalie Nichols  Go there and tell her you support her!

Another one bites the dust.  Congressman in Sex Scandal Resigns  “Representative David Wu, a Democrat from Oregon, has announced that he is resigning in the wake of allegations that he had engaged in unwanted sexual activity with a teenage daughter of a donor.”  What is it with these guys?????

The Patriot Post voted this Barack 0bama’s best speech ever.  I agree!   

Ah yes….look what Democrat policies have done.  Government Welfare Widens the Wealth Gap  “Starting in 1964, when President Johnson launched the War on Poverty, a well-intentioned crusade to end poverty, the U.S. has spent an estimated $16 trillion trying to help the less well-off. LBJ and other well-meaning Democratic politicians at the time also hoped that the burgeoning welfare state would make people more self-sufficient, a noble goal. It didn’t work.”

A shameless plug:  Check out the July issue of Smart Girl Nation.  Some great articles in there and you may recognize the editor 😉

I’m privileged to be participating in another blogger call today.  This time, it’s with Darrell Issa (CA) and Blake Farenthold (TX), along with Cathy McMorris Rodgers.  I’ll get the scoop on the “Fast & Furious” investigation and report in the next issue of the HDR.

Final Thought:  “It would be easier to pay off the national debt overnight than to neutralize the long-range effects of our national stupidity.” Frank Zappa



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  1. Lee says :

    “‘The falloff among blacks is even more stark: From 77 percent supporting his record on the economy last year to just over 50 percent in 2011.’”

    POLL: Which of the following true and bubble-bursting witty doses of reality about this is the best?

    1. In other words, nearly half of the Blacks who vote for Obama in 2012 don’t support his record on the economy.

    2. Ah, the Blacks aren’t getting enough wealth redistributed to them. Some of them even still have to pay rent!

    3. I guess Obama’s stash must be running out.

    Please vote. Thank you.

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