ALOHA, ALL!  Independence Day weekend is upon us.  What are your plans to celebrate?  Hubby and I recently rented the John Adams mini-series and are watching it again.  The last 2 episodes are on the final disk we just received…appropriate for this weekend’s celebrations. The bravery and vision of our Founding Fathers never ceases to amaze me.  What incredible men they were (and Abigail Adams wasn’t too shabby, either.)   John Adams was 90 when he died.  On July 4, 1826 – the 50 year anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.  Thomas Jefferson died the same day.  Coincidence?  I don’t believe in those anymore.  We also watched “Brave Heart” for about the sixth time.  I never get tired of its inspiring message, especially the seminal scene with William Wallace shouting out “FREEDOM!”   Whatever your plans this holiday weekend, enjoy.  And thank the past and present patriots (our military) for our Republic and the freedoms we have.

Even terrorist prisoners are more free in the U.S.  Former Army Prosecutor: Some Prisoners ‘Asked to Stay in Gitmo’ Rather than Go Home – Common American Journal  “Far from being tortured, as some protestors outside the White House alleged last week, Rotunda said prisoners at Gitmo are allowed to take classes (with some even receiving “home-schooling”), can read Harry Potter books in Arabic and are given their choice of athletic shoes for playing sports.  What’s more, the Defense Department has even flown in special fruits and nuts for detainees to observe Ramadan…”

Why we fight. 0bamacare was upheld by the Sixth Circuit Court and  activist Carter-appointed judge Boyce Martin.  But the “Secret Shopper” program that spied on doctors was abandoned.   Digest for Friday, July 1, 2011 – Editions – PatriotPost.US

It’s not just about the birth certificate:  Stunning numbers want Congress to probe Obama’s eligibility  “Even among Democrats, more than one in four – 28 percent – said they now want an inquiry, as do 43 percent of independents and 77 percent of Republicans. Interestingly, men are much more skeptical than are women about the question of eligibility – only 42 percent of men said they think Obama proved his eligibility by releasing the electronic birth certificate, compared to 59 percent of women.”

What has Cass Sunstein been smoking?  Obama regulatory czar claims Bush was worse on rules – Common American Journal  “The annual cost of regulations has not increased during the Obama administration,” he said. “In its last two years, executive agencies in the Bush administration proposed far higher regulatory costs than did those agencies in the Obama administration in our first two years.” Remember, this is the guy who thinks animals should have lawyers.  He “tweaks” our laws to make sure all we stupid people follow along the enlightened path of whatever he thinks is best.  He’s a Harvard hack – was the “Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law” there.  NO JOKE – that’s his actual title!  Seems fitting – another elitist weiner who has all the answers.

Dick Durbin must also be smoking the same thing:  Does Durbin need a refresher course on the Constitution? « Hot Air  He addressed school-age “undocumented” aliens on Wednesday and promised that his DREAM Act would allow them to become tomorrow’s Congressmen, Senators, and … Presidents?  Well why not?  We have one as president right now.

Hugo *hearts* Iran.  Congress Shines Light on Chavez’s Iran Connections The Foundry: Conservative Policy  “On June 24, a Joint House Committee hearing on Venezuela’s Sanctionable Activities made a concerted effort to shed light on President Hugo Chavez’s dangerous ties to Iran. Representative Connie Mack (R–FL) and others expressed a deep-seated concern that the sanctions recently placed on the government-controlled oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), were insufficient.”

Dear Leader Hugo isn’t doing so well.  Hugo Chavez in ‘critical’ condition in Cuban hospital – Common American Journal  Some speculate that he’s already dead.

POOP (Particulars of 0bama’s Presidency):    Obama Blasts Private Jet Tax Breaks Created by His Own Stimulus  “But the corporate jet tax break to which Obama was referring – called “accelerated depreciation,” and a popular Democratic foil of late – was reauthorized by his own stimulus package.”  LOL!!!!

How about some Uncle Ted for your Independence Day?  NUGENT: Millennials sleep as their future crumbles – Washington Times  “Except for the superior human beings who volunteer for U.S. military service, I am not impressed with this generation. They are being led to their own slaughter and are blindly following along instead of fighting for their own survival. Text or twitter that, Millennials.”

So I gotta play this:  

Final Thought:  “Democracy… while it lasts is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”  John Adams



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6 responses to “HDR 171: FREEDOM!”

  1. giliar says :

    Good points, George!

  2. George says :

    Corporate Jets!
    Really. Do they still have them?
    I remember a past recession when along with reducing their payroll (employees) corporations also reduced their overhead. This included their pilots (employees) and their jets. Without pilots you do not need aircraft.
    What makes this “recession” different? They must have reduced their payroll hence the unemployment rate. Do they actually have corporate jets or are they contracted for and deductable as business expenses now? Say loophole.

  3. giliar says :

    Uh, Lee…..I think it’s “lives.” 😉

  4. Lee says :

    I love that line from “Braveheart” where the hero yells out, “They can take our wives, but they will never take OUR FREEDOM!”

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