HDR 162: Hillary, Huma and Hubris

ALOHA, ALL!  When I first heard that Anthony Weiner’s new wife was Muslim, it immediately struck me:  She’s Muslim?  He’s Jewish!  Of course, marriages between people of different faiths happen all the time, but she is supposedly a very devout Muslim and marrying a non-Muslim is forbidden.  In fact, such a marriage is invalid, according to Sharia law.  What gives???  Here’s one theory:     Did Weiner Secretly Convert to Islam to Marry a Muslim?   It’s particularly interesting that the NY imam with ties to a Muslim Brotherhood group and Abdul Rauf (of the World Trade Center mosque fame) is encouraging Huma to stand by her Weiner (had to get at least one Weiner joke in.) And I’m sure you all know by now that Bill Clinton presided over the wedding ceremony – LOL!  Weiner apologized to Clinton – Huh?  For what??  Maybe that should have been a big red flag! I’m sure you’ve also heard that Huma has worked with Hillary for many years – lots of rumors circulating about that, too:  Does Hillary Have a Lesbian Connection to Weinergate?  Do I think these stories are true?  Nothing surprises me anymore.  Do I actually believe there’s a lot more we don’t know?  Yep.

BREAKING NEWS – HILLARY WANTS TO BE WORLD BANK HEAD.  Hillary Clinton Seeking World Bank Presidency – Maha Atal – Foreign Exchange – Forbes  Of course, she denies it,  But it’s not like she’s never lied before.

You paid for it, but you won’t hear about it:  Education Dept. Blocks Reporters from LGBT ‘Youth Summit’ Sessions for Teens | CNSnews.com  “The U.S. Department of Education refused to allow reporters into break-out sessions at its first Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Youth Summit, a taxpayer-funded event attended by teenagers that was held at the Washington Court Hotel in Washington, D.C., on Monday and Tuesday.”

Thirty years ago, Israel did this:    Is it time for something like this to happen again????  Read more here:  30 Years Ago Israeli Wiped Out Saddam’s Nuclear Program – Common American Journal

News from the “legitimate” war.  Afghan nation-building programs not sustainable, report says – The Washington Post  “The hugely expensive U.S. attempt at nation-building in Afghanistan has had only limited success and may not survive an American withdrawal, according to the findings of a two-year congressional investigation to be released Wednesday.  The report calls on the administration to rethink urgently its assistance programs as President Obama prepares to begin drawing down the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan this summer.”  Hey Barry – this is YOUR war!  You pilloried Bush on Iraq which has turned out to be more successful than Afghanistan.  YOU FAIL!

More proof that Bill Ayers wrote Barry’s book:  4 curious errors in Obama’s ‘Dreams’  “Those few critics on the left who have bothered to look at my book “Deconstructing Obama,” instinctively scoff at my thesis, namely that domestic terrorist Bill Ayers took over the book from a floundering Obama and put his own stamp on it……almost every time Obama makes a mistake, Ayers makes the same mistake (in his book). Yet, even when Ayers later corrects the error, he leaves clues as to his handiwork.”

Do as I say, not as I do.  Rich Libs Want Higher Taxes On Millionaires, But Won’t Donate Own $$$ to Pay U.S. Debt | CNSnews.com  “A group of self- described liberal millionaires seeking to raise taxes on the top 1 percent of America’s population, refused — when questioned by CNSNews.com — to consider making donations themselves to a Treasury Department Web site that allows the public to make contributions to help pay down the public debt.”

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It):  U.N. Agreement Should Have All Gun Owners Up In Arms – Common American Journal  “Under the guise of a proposed global “Small Arms Treaty” premised to fight “terrorism”, “insurgency” and “international crime syndicates” you can be quite certain that an even more insidious threat is being targeted – our Constitutional right for law-abiding citizens to own and bear arms.”

Rasmussen poll:  75% Support Showing Photo ID At The Polls – Rasmussen Reports™  “Support remains high for requiring voters to show photo identification before being allowed to cast their ballots. An increasing number of states across the country are putting that requirement into law.”

CBS poll:  CBS poll: OBL bump gone for Obama « Hot Air  LOL!  Now just the economy has “bumps” (according to Barry.)  LOVE this cartoon from Antonio – 

And VOTE for my friend Tami’s blog:  Top 25 Political Mom Blogs – Circle of Moms  Her’s is called “Moms4SarahPalin”

GREAT quote from brilliant HDR reader Steve:  “An Islamic Terrorist is like a Chinook salmon. Life is good ‘til the Seals show up.”

Final Thought:  “Politics gives guys so much power that they tend to behave badly around women. And I hope I never get into that.” –Bill Clinton, to a woman friend while he was a Rhodes scholar at Oxford  LOL – Are you kidding me?????


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One response to “HDR 162: Hillary, Huma and Hubris”

  1. Lee says :

    1. Weiner’s wife: Each is a plausible scenerio, but the problem is that they are virtually 100 percent contradictory. Such things are bound to happen with a disjointed opposition, but all should keep this in mind. I doubt Weiner converted to Islam to marry a lesbo. But you never know. Muslims lie.

    2. Ayers as ghost writer: The article answers its own suspicions: “Obama seems to mimic Ayers’ insider radical jargon.” In other words, “Monkey see, monkey do.” Without making a judgment on who actually wrote the book, the types of errors pointed out in the article simply show commonality of influence–the two talked in the same circles a lot, read the same [errant] sources, perhaps had the same people doing copy editing, etc.

    3. U.N. small arms treaty: AMB John Bolton, Presidential possible and, in my never-to-be-humble opinion, an excellent choice for VP in 2012, has said this is one that is truly dangerous. That said, the pro-gun majority in the Senate should be strong enough to stop it, IF–and “if” hear means, “ONLY IF”–the members of the whole Second Amendment community deprecate individual interests (“But I don’t care about ‘assault weapons’–I just wanna have this stupid and militarily useless double-barrel shotgun”) and aid in defeating the treaty. That’s right… You may have to hold off spending that $2000 tripping out your $1000 AR15 in order to give $100 to the NRA (yes, NRA–GOA is little more than a self-indulging exercise in purism). Otherwise, they will ride their individual right into losing both the double-barrel and the AR.

    4. If any Tea Partiers or conservatives had trouble with any of the big words or ideas I used, please research BEFORE responding, to save us all a lot of trouble.

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