HDR 161: So Long, Egypt!

Dear Readers – some of you may be getting this one twice.  Sorry for the repeat!  It looks like there was a glitch and certain readers didn’t receive this one.  Thanks for your patience!!

ALOHA, ALL! You heard pundits on TV say it. You heard politicians say it (all lefties, of course.) You heard people around the world downgrade the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. After all, the people there toppled Mubarek because they want democracy. They want freedom from tyranny. They want to be our friends. Even our Dear Leader said in his hyped up Super Bowl interview with Bill O’Reilly that The Muslim Brotherhood is one faction in Egypt. They don’t have majority support in Egypt, but they are well organized and there are strains of their ideology that are against the U.S., there’s no doubt about it,” Obama said. “But here’s the thing that we have to understand, there are a whole bunch of secular folks in Egypt, there are a whole bunch of educators and civil society in Egypt that wants to come to the fore as well. So it’s important for us not to say that our own only two options are either the Muslim Brotherhood or a suppressed people.” Bull. Hey Barry – look what just happened in Egypt: Report: Egypt Legalizes Muslim Brotherhood Soon Iran will have nukes (see below) and the Muslim Brother hood will control Egypt. God bless you, Bibi – and the Israeli people! (Thanks to Lee for the article link.)

Another 0bama official hits the road. They’re leaving in droves. But no big deal…can you imagine if there had been a revolving door like this with Bush’s economic team? We’d have a daily count on the nightly news. Goolsbee hasn’t even been there a year. Apparently he’s going back to Chicago to teach…and advise Barry on his 2012 campaign. UPDATE 3-Top White House economist Goolsbee to step down | Reuters

But what about “the most transparent administration in history”? DeMint Seeks Answers on NLRB’s Boeing Complaint | The Foundry “Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) wants the National Labor Relations Board to turn over all documents related to its recent complaint against The Boeing Co. The NLRB, already facing a backlash for its meddling in a private company’s business decision, is now under fire for the secretive process it used to reach that conclusion.”

A teachable moment. Experts back Sarah Palin’s historical account – Common American Journal It’s so funny how the lamestream media hang on every word Sarah Palin says! Just so they can tear her apart….but it never works. Yet they complained that she didn’t give them the schedule for her bus tour in advance. She should have handed them a simple, written statement: “EAT MY DUST!” AND – Astute HDR reader George shared the following with me- A small effort would reveal that:

(1) in addition to Revere and Dawes there were probably as many as forty riders spreading the news that night.

(2) Revere, Dawes and Prescott were detained by British troops at a roadblock in Lincoln. Prescott and Dawes escaped.

(3) Revere was detained and questioned. He was then escorted toward Lexington at gunpoint. In the morning, hearing gunfire, the British officers took Revere’s horse and rode toward Lexington.

(4) Revere did warn the British that there would soon be 500 men at Lexington ready to fight. Here’s a link from George with a more complete account of Paul Revere’s ride: Paul Revere

More lies from 0bama’s crew. True cost of Fannie/Freddie bailout more than twice Obama administration claim – Common American “OMB has calculated the costs of the bailout at $130 billion, a number repeated on occasion by the Obama administration. By the CBO’s calculation, the cost of the bailouts reaches $317 billion, more than twice the White House estimate…”

Wasn’t it supposed to save money??? Report: 30% of U.S. Companies Say They Will Drop Health Care Coverage Because of ObamaCare… – Common American Journal “At least 30% of employers would gain economically from dropping coverage, even if they completely compensated employees for the change through other benefit offerings or higher salaries,” the study says.

Only two months, folks. UN Watchdog: Iran could produce a nuclear weapon within two months | EUTimes.net “Iran is only a matter of months from being able to create a nuclear weapon, according to experts…..In order to halt the process, forces will have to deploy ground forces – airstrikes will no longer be sufficient.” Meanwhile, our feckless president does nothing.

So that

Sweet home Alabama. Alabama’s Law On Immigrants Tops Arizona’s – Investors.com “HB56 requires proof of citizenship or residency before voting, a giant protection against vote fraud. It prohibits aliens not lawfully present in the United States from receiving state or local financial benefits.” E-Verify is also mandatory. A great overview, written by the original Smart Girl, Phyllis Schlafly!!!

Speaking of Smart Girls: Check out this great group – SGP Action | Engage. Educate. Empower. You don’t have to be a girl, although most of the people are female (might inspire some of you guys to join, right?) And note who the editor of the monthly magazine, Smart Girl Nation, is: Operations | SGP Action ;-)))

LOVE this idea! Running on Empty Tour | Americans for Prosperity Foundation Presents the Running on Empty Tour You fill out an online form to send 0bama your gas bill

Final Thought: “What I want is a representative government in Egypt and I have confidence that if Egypt moves in an orderly transition process, they will have a government in Egypt that will work together with us” LIE! Barack 0bama, Super Bowl interview – February 6, 2011


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3 responses to “HDR 161: So Long, Egypt!”

  1. M. Rethman says :

    Goolsbee should advise Obama to declare victory in all lanes and resign. If the fraudulent b/c posted on whitehouse.gov ever hits the news again (and it’s all in Trump’s hands… how ridiculous), Barry may be history whether he likes it or not… and then our first post-race President will be responsible for riots in the our cities as our economy continues to fall apart. Maybe this is what he sought all along, with buddies Bill and Bernadine ala Cloward and Piven?

    • Lee says :

      But societal breakdown works both ways. And remember that our side has more guns, and planned pay cuts will piss off its military.

      “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

  2. Lee says :

    So, how’s that “democracy” thing workin’ for ya? If you’re a non-sheethead in Egypt, the answer is, “Not so hot.” In truth, literal democracy (not simply a representative republic, but fuller democracy) is the road to any number of ruins for any people. But match that with the mentality of Muslims and the Arab peoples of the Middle East, and it yields, well, exactly what we’re getting there. As Obama put it (paraphrasing) “The people of the Middle East have achieved more changes in six months than terrorists have in a decade.”

    Democracies need to be tended to, so as to not get out of hand. Without some covert CIA interventions to keep the wrong people out of power, democracy among these peoples simply empowers our enemies there, even as, for that matter, it empowers them here. There should be a lesson here for Americans.

    Little-considered fact for the libertarian/[“TEA PARTY” JOKE OMITTED] Americans who want to return to “the original system of the Founding Fathers”: Only about ONE PERCENT of the people in 1790 could vote, and they were virtually all White (some places allowed some civilized Indians to vote–correct me if I’m wrong on that), mostly male (NJ allowed women to vote before coming to their senses in 1808), and all very ELITE. It was certainly a republic, and it was representative, but it was certainly not a “democracy,” and it bears little resemblance to what that system has been perverted to be.

    And it worked!

    *heh heh* Just sayin’.

    (BTW, Gilia, you’re welcome.)

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