EMBARRASSMENT ALERT Here’s Barry’s latest faux pas with…

EMBARRASSMENT ALERT! Here’s Barry’s latest faux pas with the Queen: See the smirk on Prince Phillip’s face???

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10 responses to “EMBARRASSMENT ALERT Here’s Barry’s latest faux pas with…”

  1. David says :

    I seem to remember reading that when Obama was born, Kenyan law made him a British subject. I know that Kenya was part of the United Kingdom at that time. Put the ‘natural born’ thing aside for a moment and ask yourself. Isn’t the disrespect he shows the US and Britain exactly the same? Almost as if it were scripted in arrogance and camouflaged in ignorance; a mirror image of the entire Arabic world’s popular foreign policy.

    One third of the Constitutional responsibility of our POTUS is being our ‘Chief Ambassador.’ Who the Hell does Obama represent?

    • giliar says :

      Good points, David!! And each time he travels to another country he embarrasses us. On the other hand, it would be fine with me If he stayed overseas and never came back.

  2. George says :

    Don’t we have a protocol czar?

  3. Lee says :

    Second comment: He disrespects the American national anthem, so why not disrespect the British one?

    • giliar says :

      Europeans have had it with Barry, as I wrote about before. They may have been supportive and had a fascination with him during the election and early into his presidency, but they quickly realized he is unqualified and dangerous.

  4. Lee says :

    Remember, this is the guy who bows to Muslim kings, and even Shinto emperors, but gives barely a nod to the ONLY royal throne to which Americans owe any sort of specific respect. For which of the following does he hate her more:
    A. She is Christian;
    B. She is White; or
    C. She represents part of the heritage of our country?

  5. M. Rethman says :

    And then he doesn’t even sip the drink,,,,

    • giliar says :

      That’s right – it’s a double-insult! He’s so befuddled that he follows what the Queen is doing. Only problem is, it’s protocol to not take a drink when you are the person toasted. Everyone else should drink in your honor. What a dolt!!!

  6. ali says :

    Obama is an embarrassment to USA apologizes to France for our war in middle east, and propses changes to Portugfal and EU and insults UK policies. LMAO What a jerk, when will he be gone out of office? EU state know he sucks thats why he wasnt even invited to Royal wedding. Nice try A** hole.

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