HDR 153: An Early Memorial Day Tribute

Dad as a Captain in the Air Force (thanks to my niece, Nicki, for the picture!)

ALOHA, ALL!  As many of you know, my father-in-law was a World War II fighter pilot.  At age 95, Dad is a member of that “Greatest Generation” who fought so bravely to preserve our freedom during a difficult time.  (Reality check:  can you imagine what our lives would be like today if they hadn’t put their lives on the line?) They didn’t ask questions, whine, or shirk from duty – they just did it.  I know all HDR readers admire and respect these veterans for their service and their sacrifices, and here’s one way to give back:    Honor Flight: The Greatest Generation’s Last Wish | The Foundry  “The Honor Flight Network exists to grant them one last wish and final honor before they go. The program transports World War II veterans to Washington, D.C., free of charge to see the National World War II Memorial for the first—and likely—last time.”  I know I usually report all the bad things happening in our country, but this is something to feel good about.  It’s one effort we can support and be proud of.  God bless all our military men and women!

And it turns out there will be a documentary released later this year about Honor Flight and these living heroes.  Be sure to watch this trailer about it – they want to get 5 million viewers by Memorial Day:  Show Your Thanks to World War II Vets by Watching This 2-min Video  SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW!  (Thanks to Ruth for the link.  She sent this to me not knowing I was going to write about Honor Flight…aren’t some things meant to be?)

Want to get email from a soldier stationed in Afghanistan?  Click here:  Pete Hegseth  “When we arrive in Afghanistan (by month’s end), my job—as I currently understand it—will be to teach, train, and mentor Afghan National Army units and incoming NATO forces on counterinsurgency (COIN) strategy and tactics, as part of NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan. It looks like I will be a regional COIN instructor in Regional Command-South, which is headquartered in Kandahar.”  Folks, these are real-life accounts from the ground – great stuff!  (Thanks to Lee for the link.)

RIP, Harold Estes.  You probably remember the letter he wrote to 0bama, telling him to “shape up and start acting like an American.”  It went viral on the internet:  Harold B. Estes Letter to Obama – Urban Legends  The WWII Navy vet passed away Thursday at his home in Ewa Beach, HI.  God bless him.

Nonsense to the South.  Desert Pupfish Forces Border Agents to Patrol on Foot – HUMAN EVENTS  “Federal agents must abandon their vehicles and chase drug smugglers and illegal aliens on foot through 40 acres near the Mexican border because of a pond that is home to the endangered desert pupfish.”  HUH????  SO I GUESS 0BAMA WAS BEING LITERAL WHEN HE SAID WE HAVE BOOTS ON THE GROUND PROTECTING THE BORDER.  RIDICULOUS!

But what about the North?  Canadian Border Bigger Terror Threat Than Mexican Border, Says Border Patrol Chief | CNSnews.com  “(Alan) Bersin (from the US Customs and Border Protection agency) attributed the situation, in part, to the fact that the U.S. and Canada do not share information about people placed on their respective “no-fly” lists. As a result, individuals deemed a threat who fly into one country may then cross the land border into the other.”  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????  Hey Janet Napolitano – what the heck are you doing?

0bama throws Israel under the bus – again.  Flashback: Obama Pledges “unshakable commitment to Israel’s security and the friendships between our two countries” (Video) – Updated | All American Blogger  How can ANY American of Jewish heritage support this guy???  WAKE UP!!  Here’s Krauthammer’s analysis of 0bama’s speech:  The news in Obama’s speech – The Washington Post  But my favorite response of all is from Rep Allen West:  Congressman Allen West Response to President Barack Obama’s Call for a Two State Solution in Israel  “Today’s endorsement by President Barack Obama of the creation of a Hamas-led Palestinian state based on the pre-1967 borders, signals the most egregious foreign policy decision his administration has made to date, and could be the beginning of the end as we know it for the Jewish state.”  GO WEST!!!!!

Gingrich’s “mea culpa”Sorry: Gingrich Apologizes to Rep. Paul Ryan | CNSnews.com Ryan’s Response:  Ryan On Newt: ‘With Allies Like That, Who Needs The Left?’ | CNSnews.com  Sorry, Newt – I think you’re brilliant but you stuck a fork in yourself.

ANOTHER ONE WHO’S DONE?  Election 2012: Generic Presidential Ballot – Rasmussen Reports™  “The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that a Generic Republican currently earns support from 45% of Likely Voters across the nation, while the president attracts 43% of the vote.”  Hey Barry/Barack, can you see 2012 from your house yet?

How dare they criticize Barry/Barack?!?!  White House freezes out Boston Herald over editorial? « Hot Air  “The White House shouldn’t decide on media access based on which outlets will paint him in the best possible light — and those media outlets that do get selected on that basis should really be the first to object, as it reflects very badly on their objectivity. But it’s perhaps even worse that the Obama administration feels that they can publicly manipulate their media coverage in such a ham-handed manner and think that they could get away with it.”  Do I hear a “yes we can” coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

This one is really disturbing.  USS Cesar Chavez? Why Not the USS Saul Alinsky? | NewsReal Blog  “The decision to name a Navy ship after this radical is remarkable not only because President Obama’s teleprompter has the phrase “Yes, we can!” burnt into it from the phrase’s overuse, but because the far-left leader was a disciple of communist sympathizer Saul Alinsky.”  How about a USS Mao next?

Why you should be concerned about Goodwin Liu:  Cloture vote scheduled for Goodwin ‘Reparations’ Liu’s nomination – Common American Journal  He wants reparations for slavery…believes in a “living” Constitution…supports racial quotas…he’s about as far left as you can get.  And he’s only 39 – he needs to grow up.  UPDATE:  Senate GOP Marks a First – Blocking an Obama Judicial Nominee – FoxNews.com  HALLELUJAH!!  But don’t think for a minute he’ll be the last goofball nominated.  It’s how this administration rolls.

Final Thought:  “Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.”  Ronald Reagan, 1967 – California gubernatorial inauguration speech



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4 responses to “HDR 153: An Early Memorial Day Tribute”

  1. David says :


    My Dad was a WWII veteran also. He served in the Navy as an aviator. However, he and his generation were not the vets on my mind for the last two days. The men and women who died in 1967 and since, protecting Israel from its ancient enemies were. Our un-Godly, undignified and uneducated POTUS may have finally truly done some real damage. Many believe that his presidency has been a “catastrophe” or a “nightmare.” I have not, until the past few weeks. Obama’s influence, in paper and ink, can be erased by more paper and ink. The real; threat in my mind has always been what no one could erase, a blood bath. Particularly a nuclear war.

    Obama has struggled with being half black/white, Muslim/Christian, Communist/ Capitalist. Now he is struggling with being half ally, half antagonist. Israel has been insulted, disrespected and abandoned by the Chief Ambassador. If they light the fire under their arsenal, who could blame them. I’m sure it seems to them that they stand alone. We can only hope that cooler ‘heads’ than ours prevail.


    • giliar says :

      David – you expressed perfectly what I’m sure many of us are feeling. As I watched the press conference today with Bibi and Barry, it was obvious that one of them was a statesman and patriot, while the other was an inexperienced, egotistical fraud. Netanyahu gave 0bama a history lesson while 0bama sat there with arrogance. Netanyahu wiped the floor with 0bama, but he did it with grace and class. It was an amazing interchange! You’re right….0bama has done enormous harm to one of our strongest allies, and the relationship the United states has with that ally. The only remedy is to make sure he is removed from office next year. In the meantime, if Israel acts to defend herself in the wake of this outrageous stance by the fraud who sits in the White House, so be it.

  2. frank m. iafolla says :

    ironic in this day and age that those who asked for very little gave so very much and today, those who contribute nothing ask for everything. it truly was the greatest generation and as we all know, the sacrifice of those brave men and women who answered the call can in no way ever be paid back. memorials and and heartfelt gratitude are all we have to bestow on them.
    this coming holiday would be well spent educating generations of younger americans of the sacrifice our veterans made for this land of milk and honey . they did it willingly, without fanfare and collectively all shared the same goal, to insure freedom for our american way of life
    Vince Rethman pictured above is a hero, although he would deny it and most likely point to someone else he knew way back when, for you see, humility was another character trait of the greatest generation.
    thanks Vince!!

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