Osama bin Laden’s Last Tweet

ALOHA, ALL!  I’m still in Europe but just had to pass on Osama bin Laden’s final tweet.  Thanks to Jackie – I guess she & OBL were Tweeps 🙂  

I’ll be off for the next week, but look for a full edition of the HDR the week on May 16.  Until then….


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7 responses to “Osama bin Laden’s Last Tweet”

  1. Simply Ridiculous says :

    That’s funny!!

  2. Lee says :

    I’ll point it out, since no one else did: Whoever did this is obviously a Tea Partier. Note how they were so sloppy they got the day of the week wrong. “But I myself think it’s funny,” they say, doing the usual conservative focus on self rather than cause or audience.

    Y’know, it’s not that difficult to do things right. Just put the cause ahead of self-indulgence.

    • giliar says :

      Or maybe someone with a more wry sense of humor than we thought – do we really know when it all went down? Considering Obama’s incompetence and lack of transparency, probably not.

  3. David says :


    Your music tastes may not have led you to listen to the song that fits Osama’s last few years, but the tilte is “Like a Rat In a Cage.” President Bush and his policies put him there, by any standards. Whether you agree with the Patriot Act or not, Mr. Obama is surfing to glory on a wave of US intelligence, designed and implemented by those who understood the real threats we faced and how to handle them. Something else he “inherited.”


    • giliar says :

      Hey David – I hadn’t heard of this song, but it definitely fits! And yes, interesting how 0bama refuses to acknowledge to good things he “inherited” from Bush. BTW, the news coverage in Europe has been non-stop OBL….bit not fawning over 0bama, thank goodness. I am actually surprised…..

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