HDR 145: Barack Obama – Thug-in-Chief

ALOHA, ALL!  Four 0bama czars were supposed to be eliminated in the continuing resolution budget deal that was struck last week.  0bama agreed to get rid of  the czar positions overseeing health care, climate change, the auto industry and urban affairs.  After all, we already have governmental departments overseeing these areas, so czars were superfluous, right?  Barry changed his mind. That’s right – after signing the CR and agreeing to the terms of it, he’s decided to keep his czars:   Obama Keeps ‘Czars’ Despite Budget Deal That Eliminated Them – FoxNews.com   “After signing the legislation Friday that funds the government through the end of September and cuts $38 billion in spending, Obama issued a signing statement saying he would ignore the part about his czars, arguing that defunding those positions violated his constitutional authority.”  Here’s more:  Obama protects defunded ‘czars’ – Common American Journal  Can this guy be any more despicable?  He’s just a typical Chicago thug.

Then he has the nerve to say thisObama says American people will feel he deserves a second term – Common American Journal  More WTF moments here.

Tax day tidbits:  Almost Half of U.S. Households Will Pay No Federal Income Tax | CNSnews.com  And did you know 0bama wants to put and automatic tax “trigger” in place?  Obama’s “Tax Trigger”<br> Takes Aim at Jobs and Growth  Of course, it’s just in case a reported $2 trillion over the next ten years isn’t enough to bring deficits under 2.8 percent of GDP (as they surely won’t be, since Congress will just spend all the new tax revenue).  And here’s some lovely news:  Gov’t handouts exceed taxes as percentage of average household income for first time since 1936 « Hot Air  “The long-term solution isn’t to raise taxes, but to wean the American public off of its historic dependence on welfare and social spending.”  Amen to that!

Why Allen West will be POTUS:  Allen West’s Late Night Speech Causes Crowd to Sing God Bless America! April 15, 2011  Watch the entire video and read the full story.  “U.S. Congressman Allen West flew into Fort Lauderdale Airport at 10:30 PM and did not hesitate to meet with his 160 supporters. The supporters were in 90 degree heat inside the Fort Lauderdale Fireman’s Hall (FTLBH) whose air conditioner kept shutting off mysteriously.”  Union shenanigans tried to shut this event down.

Paul Ryan’s 2012 budget passes the House.  Paul Ryan: “This is our generation’s defining moment” | Committee On The Budget

Another knock-out punch for Sarah Palin.  Sarah Palin Steps Into Wisconsin, Points to Left Field, and Hits a Grand Slam – Common American Journal  She has more cajones than most male politicians, going into the belly of the beast…Madison,WI!!!! “Game on – Fight Like A Girl!!”

Oh yeah – whatever happened toAmerican Thinker: A War Gone Missing  “Although I’ve found hints that it still exists somewhere, President Obama’s Libyan War is officially missing in action.”  And notice how you never hear about Iraq or Afghanistan, either?  Did they miraculously end?

An amazing woman & patriot!  I met Kimberly Fletcher at the Honolulu Tea Party on Friday.  She was one of the speakers at the event – what a dynamite presenter!  Kimberly started the site Homemakers for America and has written the book, “Women: America’s Last Best Hope.”  Finally – a women’s group that speaks for ME!!!  We’re so glad to have her here in Hawaii, even if it’s for a short time.  She’s a true inspiration – check out her site!  BTW, I found out she’s from Dayton, OH and a fellow Buckeye.  🙂

And another one!  You MUST listen to the amazing voice of this 28-year old who sang the National Anthem at our Tea Party.  She’s incredible!!!!!  Angela Nelson is a reformed liberal who has seen the light.  She’s married to a soldier stationed here in Hawaii. Will we have her back to sing next year?  You bet’cha!!!!  She also does some great parodies about her former life of living in liberal LaLaLand.  So turn up your speakers and enjoy this:  The Star-Spangled Banner

Speaking of patriots.  I found out recently that one of our very own HDR subscribers is a cousin of Patrick Henry and also Edward Maria Wingfield, the first man ever elected in the new world (Jamestown 1607).  WOW!

Final Thought:  ‎”Rather than building bridges, he’s poisoning wells,” said Rep. Paul Ryan, after listening to Barack Obama’s scathing attack on his deficit-reduction plan as a shredding of America’s social contract with the elderly and poor.



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2 responses to “HDR 145: Barack Obama – Thug-in-Chief”

  1. David says :

    As the election comes closer, I’m sure the finger pointing will get louder, but will it get more clear. Here are some points I think the “Thug in Chief” should have to comment on in front of a camera.

    1) Entitlements, enacted by liberal politicians are our economic problem. The government cannot fulfill its obligations to pay, yet it seeks to grow in scope and influence by way of promises to pay.

    2) Please give us all of the examples of a government seed producing a private sector plant. The total sum earned from ANY government project comes from taxes.

    3) Make us understand how “transparency” is part of your agenda. Reference the ‘patriot act,’ the payment details of the ‘heath care bill,’ and the US tax code please. No need at this time to discuss your personal information.

    4) Last, please explain how it is that we see a rather large double standard when it comes to government practices (financial, legal, ethical, logistic) and private sector regulation. Can the government not regulate itself? Are we on different teams? Is the idea of “public service” now fully morphed into the idea of protecting the people from themselves? Does the State exist to serve the individual or do the individuals exist to serve the State?

    Just holler back at us when you get that ready Barrack.

    • giliar says :

      Bravo, David! I won’t hold my breath waiting for Barry to reply. He has more important things to do like campaign for reelection and golf.

      Sent from my iPhone. Have a great day!

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