HDR 133: When the Going Gets Tough, Obama Goes to Rio

ALOHA, ALL!!! No one should be shocked that Barry/Barack decided to go to war with Libya and then immediately take his previously scheduled trip to Rio.  Why not?  After all, Michelle & the kids would have been disappointed if the trip didn’t happen. How could he possibly pass up this opportunity to schmooze and take a little vacation?  Plus, he has an agenda (see below.)  All I can say is…can you imagine if George Bush had done this?  The Heritage Foundation hits the nail on the head once again:  “President Obama is putting the U.S. military to work at the behest of the world rather than leading the world. Brit Hume accurately described this yesterday: “This is not leadership, this is followership.” In two major areas now the President has voted “present” in the last two weeks: on the budget, where he is AWOL, and on Libya, where he has purposely chosen to follow even as our troops do the heavy lifting.” Morning Bell: Spectator-in-Chief | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

Headline of the Day (courtesy of Common American Journal): Nobel Peace Prize Winner Enters Third War

The REAL Reason Barry/Barack went to Brazil:  Obama’s Interior Department Gives Final Approval to Brazilian Oil Company’s Gulf of Mexico Deep Water Floating Facility – Common American Journal So let me get this straight….American oil companies can’t do deep water drilling in the gulf so we can get our own oil, but the Brazilians can?????  Hey Barry, drill here and drill now – we need our own oil!!!

OBAMA GO HOME! Brazilian Mobs Scream: “GO HOME OBAMA”, Protests Turn Violent | UNCOVERAGE.net You mean the Obamessiah is being booed????  Blame it on the Bossa Nova?

Joke Time-Out: 0bama was delayed getting off the plane in Rio because he was told Brazilians were protesting. His reply was “Wow, that’s a lot!” (Thanks to hubby 😉

GREAT article by my friend Jeff Dunetz (aka “Yid With Lid”):  Top Six Violent Acts Committed by Unions | NewsReal Blog

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It): If you have not already done so, please contact your Congressional reps and insist that the hundreds of millions of tax dollars to repair or otherwise modernize Mosques in the Middle East, as approved by the Obama administration and paid out by the State Department, be terminated immediately. This very informative WSB-TV (Atlanta) story needs to be seen by everyone:  Mosque Makeovers With Your Tax Dollars – Video – WSB Atlanta

A new low for 0bama: Just 31% Now Give Obama Positive Marks for the Economy – Rasmussen Reports™ If this number stays low into the primary season, 0bama will be challenged (or more likely “persuaded” to not run for a second term.)  And I still think the Dem powers-that-be will turn to Hillary (Sorry, Lee!)

Japan still in our prayers.  Several of you have sent me this before and after montage of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.  In case you didn’t see it, it really is a striking view of how the landscape has changed.  If you place your curser on each photo and move from right to left, you’ll see the changes:  ABC News – Japan Earthquake: before and after

He’s BAAAACK! And Ralph Nader says 0bama should be impeached:  

Final Thought: “Lies, corruption and bias will not dress the liberal agenda in any better clothes.” From alert HDR reader David – excellent analogy!


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3 responses to “HDR 133: When the Going Gets Tough, Obama Goes to Rio”

  1. Lee says :

    Give Nader his due: He’s a moron, but at least he’s a consistent moron.

  2. David says :

    In the past when I thought of Brazil, I thought of Rio De Janeiro, the Amazon, and PBR bull riders. Now, all that comes to mind is George Soros’ oil interest. Wonder if George knows Barack is visiting his new $8billion back yard.

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