HDR 132: Barack Obama – A Legend In His Own Mind

ALOHA, All!!  (My friend Antonio does some great cartoons, doesn’t he??)

One of the best reads yet:  A Scorecard Of Negatives, A Menace To Our Future – Investors.com Here’s a teaser:

“President Nixon was driven from office for lying about a two-bit burglary and other dirty tricks on Democrats. President Clinton was impeached by the House and almost convicted by the Senate for lying about Monica Lewinsky. President Carter was sent packing after only one term for being weak-kneed abroad and economically destructive at home.  Obama traduces the truth daily and has already done more damage to the U.S. than Nixon, Carter and Clinton combined — and the worst may be yet to come. The man is a public menace who should be kept under political quarantine.”

Yet he’s headed for South America: Despite Crises in Japan and Libya, Obama Heads to Latin America to ‘Grow’ the U.S. Economy | CNSnews.com

And hasn’t secured the southern border: 663 Illegal Aliens From Countries With Ties to Terrorism Arrested Along Southwest Border in 2010, Senator Says | CNSnews.com


The Horror! Michelle Malkin » Mmm, mmm, mmm: NJ shuts down Barack Obama Elementary School Check this out:  “The state has, in the meantime, poured beaucoups bucks into the district. According to Education.com, the district spends nearly $36,000 per student but pulls in the lowest test rating the site offers.”

Ah yesThe gift that keeps on giving: Rev. Jeremiah Wright–who had nothing to do with shaping Obama’s views for more than 20 years: Capitalism is a Demon, Tea Party is racist (And other stuff you should hear) – Common American Journal But he’s not one bit racist.

Wake up, Conservatives! Why Do Some Conservatives Still Assume Obama and the Left Are Acting in Good Faith? | NewsReal Blog I heard Medved speak recently and I must say that while he is an intelligent, thoughtful individual, I was taken aback at his disdain for people who question 0bama’s eligibility (not just from a “birther” standpoint but even to question it at all.)  He thinks that 0bama needs to be beat on the issues and not personal matters (such as eligibility.)  I say, why not both?  (See previous story about Jeremiah Wright.)

YES!!! Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) and Rep. Steve King (R-IA) separately introduced the English Language Unity Act in the Senate and House. This bill would make English the official language of the United States and require English language testing for citizenship applicants. Inhofe said, “This legislation will provide a much-needed commonality among United States citizens, regardless of heritage.”

DOUBLE YES!!!! Sen. Paul Unveils 5-Year Budget Plan: Eliminates Four Federal Agencies – The Note Paul wants to get rid of the Departments of Education, Energy, Commerce, and Housing and Urban Development.  :-)))))

Speaking of “Birthers,” check out The Donald:

The Lamestream media were all over this story – NOT! D.C. GOP HQ Windows Shattered By Small Caliber Pellets : DCist Gee, I wonder what the news would have been if it was Dem HQ?

Final Thought: “I believe the Tea Party is short lived. … I think they will be gone because of their extreme positions or they will move to a more moderate position.” –Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)  LOL, Harry!  You keep thinking that way, you old cowboy poet, you 😉



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2 responses to “HDR 132: Barack Obama – A Legend In His Own Mind”

  1. giliar says :

    LOVE this, David! “Lies, corruption and bias will not dress the liberal agenda in any better clothes.”

  2. David says :

    Just keep feeding them rope. As long as liberal politicians and pundits feel they are empowered, they will expose themselves as anti-American. America has never stood for the things that liberals are proposing, in the media, on Capital Hill, in the White House, and in our public classrooms. Lies, corruption and bias will not dress the liberal agenda in any better clothes.

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