HDR 129: Dirty Harry Reid Strikes Again!

ALOHA, ALL! You can’t make this stuff up:  Harry Reid is upset about a very important cause that may lose funding because of budget cuts.  Our debt for February ALONE was $223 billion  (Note:  our debt for ALL of 2007 was $161 billion), the deficit is now over $1.3 trillion and unemployment is still around 9%.  But Harry thinks it’s “heartless” to de-fund *get ready for it*  The Cowboy Poetry Festival in Nevada!!!!!  Are you kidding me???  Harry Reid calls cuts to cowboy poetry festival ‘mean-spirited’ – Common American Journal LOVE this quote from Mary Katharine Ham:  “John Boehner’s America is a land in which cowboys would be forced into back-alley poetry recitations.” Here’s a thought…how about Dirty Harry host the cowboys in his million dollar Ritz Carlton condo in DC?  I’m sure there’s plenty of room for the crowd of a dozen who might attend.  Or maybe NPR will host the event – but they probably hate cowboys because they have guns.  (FYI – here’s the real time US Debt Clock:  U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time)

Kill the Funds!  NPR’s Anti-Semitism Exposed in Latest James O’Keefe Undercover Video | NewsReal Blog Amazing what a (fake) $5 million donation from a Muslim hate group will do.  CEO Vivian Schiller (no relation to Ron, but how ironic) has resigned, but that doesn’t make it all better.  I want NO MORE tax dollars going to NPR or PBS!  Ron Schiller said they’d be better off without them anyhow.

God Bless Our Military! Here’s a video that will make you proud, make you cry and make you smile all at the same time:  Military Videos – Military Times (thanks to hubby for the link.)  The story is about Channing Moss, who was impaled by a live RPG during a Taliban ambush while on patrol. Army protocol says that medivac choppers are never to carry anyone with a live round in him. Even though they feared it could explode, the flight crew said damn the protocol and flew him to the nearest aid station. Again, protocol said that in such a case the patient is to be put in a sandbagged area away from the surgical unit, given a shot of morphine and left to wait (and die) until others are treated. Again, the medical team ignored the protocol. Here’s a short video put together by the Military Times, which includes actual footage of the surgery where Dr. John Oh, a Korean immigrant who became a naturalized citizen and went to West Point, removed the live round with the help of volunteers and a member of the EOD (explosive ordinance disposal) team. Moss has undergone six operations but is doing well at home in Gainesville, GA.

It’s About Time.    GOP introduces National Right to Work Act – Common American Journal The Act was introduced by Jim DeMint, who said “Forced-unionism shields unions from member accountability and has a detrimental effect on the economy. In states where companies are forced to hire only union workers, businesses have struggled to compete while they deal with counterproductive work rules.”  No brainer.

The Highest Number in Two Years: Americans see U.S. on wrong track: Reuters/Ipsos poll | Reuters

SUPPORT PETER KING! Congressman Peter King, New York-03 (R) is investigating radical Islam (home-grown terrorism) and he is the target of PC terrorism in a phenomenally big way. Needless to say he is being attacked by the progressive Left including the Socialists who call themselves Democrats in Washington and attacks from Islamic criminal organizations that name themselves after pieces of furniture that people sit there rears on. He is receiving thousands of hate mails per day from American and from all over the world.  He has had to greatly increase his and his families personal security and yet he stands firm knowing this is what is right for America, right for our children’s future and what he should do. He is getting a lot of negative mail.  Let’s see if we can get him hundreds of thousands of pieces of positive supportive mail!!!! Get something posted on every Patriot site in America and let him know we stand behind him and let the PC Terrorists know that we will no longer be intimidated into being quiet!

Website:  PeteKing Mailing Address:  339 Cannon HOB, Washington, DC 20515  Phone:  (202) 225-7896

And the Madness in Wisconsin Continues: As I write this, demonstrators are keeping legislators from entering the Capitol building so they can vote on the bill to strip public unions of collective bargaining rights.  Scott Walker & The Republicans were fed up with the “Flee Party 14” Dems who refused to come back and o their jobs, so they passed the legislation yesterday without them (see my HDR NewsFlash from yesterday.)   Leftists have issues death threats to the Governor and Republican legislators.  Things are heating up, folks, and I’m sure all the lefty groups are planning protest all over the country.  As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago when all this started, we are at the tipping point.  Keep your eyes & ears open and watch what happens the next few days & weeks….the future of our country is hanging in the balance.  Check this out:  Scott Walker: Why I’m Fighting in Wisconsin – Common American Journal

Final Thought: “Everybody is in favor of free speech. Hardly a day passes without its being extolled, but some people’s idea of it is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone says anything back, that is an outrage.” –Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)



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3 responses to “HDR 129: Dirty Harry Reid Strikes Again!”

  1. Lee says :

    “[T]he progressive Left including the Socialists who call themselves Democrats”.

    “Democracy is the road to Socialism.”–Karl Marx

  2. giliar says :

    David, you live in the real world. Harry Reid lives in LaLaLand!

  3. David says :

    Four times a year or so, I travel to North Texas and work cattle in the pastures West of Fort Worth. The men there that do this work full time consider themselves ‘ranch hands.’ Some are poets, some sing, and some just watch and listen. They are objective, polite, respectful, hard working and talented. NONE of them will take anything, from anybody, that they have not earned.

    I don’t know which ‘Cowboys’ Harry is referring to, but I do know that the American ‘cowboys’ which I know are gonna be just fine without a government handout.

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