HDR 122: Atlas is Shrugging in Wisconsin

ALOHA, ALL!!!! This thing just keeps getting bigger.  Now the union thugs are planning rallies in Ohio, Indiana, New Jersey and other states.  It’s the tipping point folks….states are broke and trying to save themselves.  And the unions refuse to do their parts. Make no mistake – Barry/Barack Soetoro/0bama is in the middle of this.  His “Organizing for America” site is coordinating the Wisconsin mess. I  just went on BarackObama.com and look what I found (click on the image to enlarge it):

The text reads:  “Organizing for America is mobilizing on the ground in Wisconsin to defend the rights of public employees from an attempt by the governor to take away their right to organize.” Yet Barry says nothing.  Make no mistake – it will all come back to bite Barry in the okole.

Dick Morris:  The union mobs have taken to the streets in Wisconsin to protest hotly against having to pay 12.6% of their health insurance (the private sector average is 20%) and 5.8% of their pensions (private sector average is 7.5%). They want us to subsidize them so they can get to be richer than we are! Upward redistribution of income!  IN WISCONSIN: DEMOCRACY IS ON THE LINE at DickMorris.com

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More Barry Ties: On March 4th, [via Politico] a closed-door meeting is being held at the AFL-CIO headquarters to ostensibly discuss the 2010 elections. The presenters include operatives from the AFL-CIO, DSCC, (that’s the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee) DGA and operatives from other “shadowy outside groups.” As Wisconsin Implodes, White House Plans Meeting With AFL-CIO War Council | RedState

The Rockford, Illinois Tea Party caught a couple of the Wisconsin Senators on the lam in Illinois.  This is “Must-See TV!”

Final Thought: “Yogis for Unions”  Sign at Wisconsin thug rally.  HUH?????  Yoga instructors?  Are you kidding me???


P.S.  A rally of Wisconsin Tea Party folks is planned for Saturday morning at the state Capitol.  How about some tea with that cheese????? Stay tuned – it’s really getting interesting!  Counter Rally In Madison, WI Tomorrow | RedState


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  1. Lee says :

    Maybe the “Yogis” were just bears from Jellystone Park. You know, the kind that live off of others’ pic-a-nic baskets and neglect their teaching of young Boo-boos.

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