HDR 121 (2): The TSA and Unions-Yes, Me Worry!

ALOHA ALL! Here’s an important follow-up to the previous HDR.  PLEASE watch this video of Stuart Varney interviewing a supporter of the Wisconsin Teacher’s Union (aka “Stooge.”)  As you read in the last HDR, Scott Walker, the new Governor of Wisconsin is trying to keep his state from going bankrupt and is going after the unions in a big way.  Look at how they respond….lying and using their own students as props!  This is disgusting:

(Thanks to alert reader Lee for the link.)

And check out the hate speech from the Unions and the Left against Walker:  Unions fuel the hate in Wisconsin. | RedState

UPDATE! Madison schools closed Wednesday due to district-wide teacher sickout “Sickout”?  Liars who use their own students to promote their agenda.

UPDATE II: Missing in Wisconsin: Dems Disappear, Not Showing Up to Vote – Unions – Fox Nation SLIMY COWARDS!!!!

Final Thought: “The unions are the biggest threat to this country and our freedom.”  Frank Carl Iafolla, circa 1970



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2 responses to “HDR 121 (2): The TSA and Unions-Yes, Me Worry!”

  1. giliar says :

    And that’s the plan, Ray. Our country needs to wake up….fast!!!

  2. Ray says :

    Hmm. They have no idea as to why they are there. Definitely future Obama voters!

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