HDR 115: State of the Union Snoozer




ALOHA, ALL!!!  Good grief…..that was a State of the Union address??  YIKES!!  Even Ruth Bader Ginsburg couldn’t take it:  RealClearPolitics – Video – Justice Ginsburg Appears Asleep Through Most Of SOTU Was James Clyburn reading a book?  Kathleen Sebelius looked like she was in a coma.  And that “Date Night” thing sure worked out well, didn’t it?  Funny thing – it was meant to cool the GOP from responding vociferously, but it kept the Dems from being exuberant in their responses.  LOL!  I have to say that my favorite date picture/odd couple was the one of Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson.  Nelson looked like he had just eaten some pot-laced brownies and Rubio’s body language was saying “seriously, now?”

More SOTU wrap-up: Notice how 0bama mentioned Allen Brothers Roofing from Michigan?  They developed photovoltaic panels and were heralded as “re-inventing themselves.”  Sure….they got $500,000 in stimulus money.  With that much money, who couldn’t re-invent?  Metro-Detroit roofers in First Lady’s private box at the State of the Union

While 0bama was talking a big game, Speaker Boehner invited champions of school vouchers as his personal guests to the SOTU speech:  Speaker Boehner Honors School Choice | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News. Boehner plans to introduce a bill on Wednesday to restore the DC voucher program.

And did you notice? 0bama’s famous “Joe the Plumber” line was tweaked during the SOTU address.  He told Joe in 2008:  “It’s not that I want to punish you for your success, I just think it’s better when we spread the wealth around.”  During the SOTU, 0bama said in regard to taxing the “wealthy”:  “We’re not punishing their successes, we’re promoting America’s success.”   Bull feathers – you’re still spreading the wealth around, no matter how you try to sugar-coat it.

ICYMI – here’s why everyone was wearing black & white ribbons:  Ribbons at State of the Union honor Tucson shooting victims

Some fact-checking of the speech:  Reaction Roundup: Heritage Responds To The State Of The Union

Paul Ryan’s video response:  

And the AWESOME Michele Bachmann:  

Final Thought:  “An honest man in politics shines more there than he would elsewhere.”  Mark Twain



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