HDR 114: Paul Ryan is the Anti-Obama

0bama at SOTU: "Pay no attention to those rising gas prices. It's all good!"

ALOHA, ALL! Since the State of the Union Address is this week, here’s a little preview….

0BAMA:  “We have to work together.” (Translation:  “Now that the Tea Party reps control the House I ain’t gettin’ what I want!”)

0BAMA:  “Jobs are my number one priority.” (Translation:  “I’ve said this for the past two years but I guess now I better start thinking about it….those darn Tea Party reps!”)

0BAMA:  “We need to be more business-friendly and I’ve introduced ideas on how to do that.” (Translation:  “Now that I’ve added all these business regulations the past two years I can fool them into thinking I want to help them.”)  GREAT article from The Heritage Foundation:  Morning Bell: A False Truce in Obama’s War on Business | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

oBAMA:  “Repealing MY health care reform would hurt people, increase the deficit and is not an option.” (Translation:  “I know it’s not true but if I repeat this often enough maybe they will start to believe it.”)  Gotta love this 0bamacare Chart

0BAMA:  “Our standing in the world is strong.”  (Translation:  “I will continue to bow to every foreign leader I can think of.”)

0BAMA:  “We need to spend on infrastructure”  (Translation:  “I need more money because that other stimulus money didn’t work.”) Obama to Push New Spending in State of the Union – WSJ.com

0BAMA:  “China is our ally and friend.  We will continue to partner with them.”  (Translation:  “Never mind that I had a fancy state dinner for the Chinese President and their 2010 Nobel Prize winner is still in jail.  Oh yeah….didn’t I win that once?”)

And did you hear how the Dems want to mix-up the seating so that they are mingled with the GOP? Supposedly, to promote camaraderie.  Who are they kidding?  At least one Congressman gets it:  Rep. Broun Warns GOP: Mixed Seating At SOTU Is “A Trap” To “Silence Republicans” (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

The best part of this year’s State of the Union Address is that Paul Ryan will be giving the GOP response. This guy is a STAR!!!!  He he was, going toe-to-toe with 0bama during the healthcare debate:  

The second-best part of this year’s State of the Union Address is that we won’t see Nancy Nitwit jumping up and down, clapping her hands every 2 seconds!!!!  Woo Hoo!

Final Thought: “President Washington began this tradition in 1790 after reminding the Nation that the destiny of self-government and the “preservation of the sacred fire of liberty” is “finally staked on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people.” For our friends in the press, who place a high premium on accuracy, let me say: I did not actually hear George Washington say that. [Laughter] But it is a matter of historic record. [Laughter]”  Ronald Reagan’s first State of the Union Address, 1/26/82  (You can read the entire Address HERE)



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