Repeal, Repeal, Repeal!!!

It’s a great day in Congress when the new kids in town take over on Wednesday. It looks like they plan to vote on repealing 0bamacare before the State of the Union address. IMHO, that’s a good start for them. Some say it’s a waste of time….and their Dem opponents are saying they should focus on jobs instead. LOL!!!! You mean like THEY did for the past 2 years???? And I believe they can walk and chew gum at the same time – repeal 0bamacare and focus on jobs and the economy. While some pundits think the repeal is a lost cause, I say don’t be surprised if it actually happens. Even the Dems know it’s a no win issue and they are looking forward to 2012 elections. Here’s how the GOP plans to attack 0bamacare:

Marco Rubio = Rising Star!!!! he sent a letter to his supporters thanking them and outlining his agenda after he’s sworn in:

Paul Ryan = Rising Star! He’s got lots of power now as the House Budget Chair:

Meanwhile, Back in Hawaii: Here’s a story outlining what the President’s Holiday vacation will cost. So glad he and his entourage leave tonight – good riddance!!!


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