You know that little smelt in California…

You know that little smelt in California – the one they had to turn off the water for in the San Joaquin Valley? Looks like it was all based on junk science. Some of the best farm land in the U.S. has been held hostage by enviro-nazis, and farmers are now out of business:



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4 responses to “You know that little smelt in California…”

  1. giliar says :

    Bravo, David!

  2. David Wingfield says :

    Possibly we can STOP the flow of ignorance by stepping aside, and letting the ‘liberals’ show us how it’s done right. I wrote the post below on the article’s website which suggests a way to let both sides learn something from the other. Many who posted were livid and combative. I don’t blame them. It’s hard to embrace stupidity. The old warning “be careful what you ask for” comes to mind.

    “It is true that many Americans were harmed by a lie. It is true that we have the right to be angry and vent our anger here. It is true that the solution is to reverse the damage. It is true that the farmers are ‘entitled’ to our help. My suggestion is that instead of writing them a check, we give them back the freedom to plow, plant and distribute as they see fit. The wounded farmer should be free to feed his friends first.

    If you draw a map of the “liberal” population in this country you will see that they are concentrated. You can discern without any trouble or training that they live in areas where NO ONE shoves a seed into the ground. They are ‘entitled’ to eat whatever they like, 3 times a day, and to complain if it’s not grown, prepared and delivered exactly the way they want. They expect to continue to demand this, and have us be grateful to feed them in exchange for them reading their normative doctrines to us.

    “Junk science” is just one version of the liberal doctrine. Let the hand that feeds them open on its own judgment of the value of their policies. How long does an empty belly stay righteous? How nourishing is paper and ink?”

  3. giliar says :

    Excellent comments, David – and I couldn’t agree more. So we need to STOP this Poseur-in-Chief and all his minions. We need to realize we are in a fight for our lives, country and sacred honor. We also need to realize that this fight is one we will be engaged in for the rest of our lives in order to preserve our nation. Thanks for taking the time to write such a thoughtful and thought-provoking post!

  4. David Wingfield says :


    This and many other ???????? how come????????? stories about our government’s actions are the best evidence of cause for the bigger problem. Every time a government like the exiting Congress and the soon to be gone Exec that we have now ‘acts’ in our behalf they STOP something. In this case they stopped the flow of water, which stopped the tilling of ground, stopped the planting of seeds,stopped the reaping of crops,stopped the sale of food, and stopped the consumption of groceries and the commerce those successful farmers should have engaged in afterward.

    The same can be said for the upcoming STOPs due via internet regulation you write about this week, or the health care industry after 2014, or the banking industry in “financial reform”, or the airline industry, etc. etc. etc.

    Private sector employees are now a full blown liability. The risk / reward cost analysis points to mechanization and outsourcing. Who would hire workers in this country, besieged by a hail of ‘regulation that STOPs you from working together? The bulk of the regulation you see coming out of DC and the liberal states necessarily divides the interests of employers and their employees.

    ‘Public service’ is the only place of employment free of such government regulation. The problem there is, for some, that they don’t produce, service, or cultivate anything. Most of them are directed to STOP something through bureaucracy and taxation. All of them are tax collectors. Finally, each of them is “entitled” to permanent security provided with tax dollars. None of them is accountable.

    Our nation’s recovery is absolutely dependent on private employment. Our nation’s economy is absolutely dependent on private business. Our country’s chances of a better life for the next generation are absolutely dependent on private opportunities. An individual, with an idea, finds help in developing and marketing his or her idea and passing it on profitably to the rest of the world. How would any of this happen in the face of “STOP”?

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