HDR 109(1): Tasty Tidbits and Loose Lips

ALOHA, ALL! Did you enjoy that Thanksgiving turkey?  Hope so…because the government is now getting its greedy little hands on our food supply in a big way.  Who knows – maybe next year  Michelle Antoinette will dictate that all her subjects need to eat tofu turkeys.  Sound outrageous?  Not considering how S. 510 passed.  In case you missed it, S. 510 is the “FDA Food Safety Modernization Act.”  Sounds peachy, doesn’t it?  Actually, it creates more bureaucracy, adds to the cost of our food, and increases government control.  I must admit I didn’t know much about this until alert HDR reader Jodie made me aware of it.  This bill is a dangerous behemoth that, among other things, will:  threaten small farm, home, local/organic and community food production with onerous rules, cost $825,000,000 in the first year, and actually calls upon the FDA to recommend harmonization of American nutritional freedoms with Codex Alimentarius’ restrictions (that’s the U.N.’s way of globalizing/restricting food.)  Are you kidding me????  Why are we even talking about this?  Go to Logistics Monster for more info.  Also, here’s a great explanation from Matt Kibbe of Freedom Works:  Overreaching Food “Safety” Modernization Act Would Destroy Family Farmers “Food” for thought:  Can Soylent Green be far behind?  (BTW, not a single Dem opposed this bill.)

Wikileaks = Ho Hum. Some of you may not agree with me, but the broohaha over the information leaked in the Wikileaks deal seems pretty lame to me.  Iran is a danger?  North Korea & Iran are in cahoots? Ahmadinejad is like Hitler?  Please…nothing new here.  But because Hillary now has egg on her face, the 0 administration is making a big deal out of this now.  Why not go after this Assange guy months ago when he first leaked info?  Ah….then it only affected military ops and now it’s personal.  We look like a bunch of fools – I am so tired of amateur hour at the White House:  There is Nothing New Under The Wikileaks Sun The best part of all this is Sarah Palin’s Facebook response:  Serious Questions About the 0bama Administration’s Incompetence

A Few of my Favorite Things. Since the Christmas shopping season is in full swing, why not support conservative causes when buying those gifts?  Here are a few you may not know about:

W Ketchup – Are you still using that ketchup that makes John Kerry’s wife rich?  Enough!  Check out “America’s Ketchup”!  W Ketchup is made in America, by Americans, only from American ingredients, and it is sold only in America. W Ketchup represents a choice: a choice to enjoy delicious ketchup without supporting non-traditional agendas. Unlike other brands of ketchup, W Ketchup does not donate any money to politicians or political groups. The only place W Ketchup donates money is the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund, which provides college scholarships for the children of our brave heroes killed in action.  I’ve used this ketchup and it’s great!

Ol’ Glory Beer. Don Sessions, a 75-year-old brewer from Oklahoma has just received approval to include the Pledge of Allegiance on his beer cans. According to the Toronto Sun, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau initially denied his request because it “violated rules that prohibit the use of statements and images relating to the American flag.”  “If you are sitting in a bar and drinking this beer, you’ll think of America and you might think of God.” Sessions told an Oklahoma newspaper. Session’s company will donate a portion of all sales to Operation Homefront, an organization that helps people who volunteer with the military.  Sounds like the perfect beer to go with that W ketchup on my burger!  The company makes an energy drink (I never did like Gatorade) and that’s their primary product.

GetTeeShirts.  Hubby’s favorite t-shirt is this great looking Reagan Conservative style from GetTeeShirts. And just in time for Christmas, they are on sale!  But hurry….only until 12/4.  With the slogan “American Pride, American Fashion,” the company is based in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio….the heartland.  Randy, the owner, likes to call his company “where ink is creatively expressed on cotton’s canvas. T-shirts that reflect and are inspired by a love of God, Country and Capitalism, Getteeshirts.com is an example of an average “Joe” pursuing the American dream.”  Go Randy!  Be sure to check out the “C.O.P.S” and “FedUp” shirts – great designs  🙂  (P.S.  I’m wearing the “Palin for President” one as I write this!)

The Patriot Shop. This site is a division of The Patriot Post, an excellent online newsletter that I get every day.  The Patriot shop sells Tea Party supplies, Christmas ornaments, books, CDs, and more.   The Patriot Shop/Patriot Post has become one of the nation’s leading advocates for our Armed Forces and their mission — not only by providing millions of Americans with the right perspective on that mission and the demanding tasks our military personnel have carried out with pride, but through Operation Shield of Strength. This outreach to uniformed Patriots on the front line, and their family support groups, has backed the distribution of almost 1.4 million Shields of Strength dog tags. We have also supported other special services to military personnel and their families.

Ted Nugent. Yes, THAT Ted Nugent!  Your search for grenade-shaped ice cube molds is over…you can find them here.  The site also has books, CDs, “Ted Nugent for President” bumper stickers, and lots of other paraphernalia.  (Did you know there was such a thing as “Nuge Java”??) Uncle Ted supports tons of charities, including Freedom’s Angels and the USO.  And he’s turned into a great conservative voice in the entertainment industry.  In 1989, Nugent created the Kamp for Kids to educate them about the outdoors, conservation, Constitutional rights, and hunting.  “The youth of today are the FUTURE OF AMERICA, and will determine the fate of conservation and outdoor sports, including hunting,” Nugent says.  His goal is to get kids away from drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gangs, crime, and the zombie world of videogame disconnect that has been such a negative force on their lives.  Go Uncle Ted!

Cell Phones For Soldiers.  Is Santa bringing you a new cell phone this year?  Donate your old phone to a soldier far from home.  The ability to call home while serving our country is a costly challenge that an approximate 65 percent of families either do not have access to or simply can not afford.  Enter the brother and sister team of Brittany and Robbie Bergquist.  They founded Cell Phones for Soldiers in 2004 (she was 13) and to date they have collected more than 7.5 million cell phones and provided military personnel with more than 90 million minutes of pre-paid calling cards.  WOW!!!  Amazing young people like this give me hope for the future.

If you know of other good conservative, charitable businesses or causes to support this Holiday season, let us know!!

This Week’s Quick Links:

Mystery Surrounds Cyber Missile That Crippled Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Ambitions (Meanwhile, we can’t stop Wikileaks.  Thanks to Garry for the link!)

Stem-Cell Fraud (Isn’t California broke?  No reason not to throw another $3 billion at unproven technology.)

George Soros Linked to Leftist Catholic Groups (I will never give the church another dime!)

Video:  Gov Jindal “Make Congress Part-Time” (Woo Hoo!!!!!!)

The Climate Cash Cow (U.N. panel member admits the goal is wealth redistribution.  Are pigs flying?)

Freeze?  Small Change (0bama pay freeze for federal employees is a joke.  They already make more than their private sector counterparts.  Check out the graphic below from All America Blogger)

Hoyer:  Military Should Also See Pay Freeze (Brilliant, Steny.  They don’t give enough as it is.  Funny thing – I just checked and it looks like you made $ 193,400 in 2009.  Of course, that doesn’t include all those nice perks that come with your fat cat job.  How about you shut the hell up?)

Hawaii Spending Transparency Site Debuts (Way to go!  The site exposes details for more than $12 billion in state spending and transfers since 2008.  Sunlight is the best disinfectant!!!)

An Important Message From Harry Reid About An Awesome College Football Game (Prince Harry spent 5 minutes on the floor of the Senate talking about the Nevada/Boise State game.  Way to go, Nevada, in re-electing this doofus.)

Shocker!  TSA Nude Scans Would Miss Taped-On Bombs (Wonderful – looks like we’ll all be getting those lovely pat-downs soon.  Maybe you’ll get this guy……my father-in law sent me this.  LOL!)

Barney Quits Congress To Work For The TSA

Final Thought: “There is a certain enthusiasm in liberty, that makes human nature rise above itself, in acts of bravery and heroism.” –Alexander Hamilton, 1775


P.S.  Did you notice the snow on your screen?  Pretty cool, huh?  🙂


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