HDR 103(1): Special Edition – Election Action Alert!

ALOHA, ALL! Thank you for continuing to subscribe to and for believing in the principles which drive HDR. We must regain our individual freedom. This is a crucial election for Hawaii and our nation – we have to ensure our voice is represented both locally and nationally.  We need to ensure we have a voice. I have identified two candidates who will work for us.  One is a national candidate and the other is a local Hawaii candidate.  Both these states are important to me since I grew up in Ohio and now live in Hawaii.  Please support these individuals!  This is important even if you live outside these states!  Read more to see why…..

For Hawaii – Sam Slom. Our conservative principles are best protected by State Senator Sam Slom. Slom is the only consistent conservative voice we have left. He takes on anyone, including liberal members of his own party, to hold to conservative principles. Slom is the best spokesman for conservatives desiring less government, more individual freedom and lower taxes. Hump Day Report is endorsing Slom’s candidacy for reelection. Advocates of liberty, readers of Hump Day Report, can best support liberty and freedom by supporting Slom. We need to ensure Slom wins his race against a guy who is using deception and deceit to campaign. Sam’s opponent’s supporters even cringe when Laurence uses the name “Larry Price” to campaign. We need Slom’s voice in the State Legislature and Price needs to lose.  I am asking you to support Sam Slom NOW by:

1. Mail a check TODAY for $100, $50, or $25 to Friends for Sam Slom, 6600 Kalanianaole Highway, Suite 212, Honolulu HI 96825 (He can take contributions up to $4000.)

2. Forward this email to other liberty lovers who will support Sam.

3. Check www.samslom.com or call 349-5438 for his next sign waving opportunity.

4. Vote for Sam if you live in his district.

For The Nation – Peter Corrigan.  Can you imagine the headlines on November 3 if Dennis “The Menace” Kucinich is ousted?  It CAN happen!  The candidate running against Kucinich is Peter J Corrigan, my husband’s cousin.  Peter is an experienced businessman (imagine having one of those in Congress) who has met payrolls, balanced budgets and brought businesses out of bankruptcy.  Peter not only talks the talk he walks the walk!  Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard wrote about Corrigan’s candidacy on Monday, and now it’s getting national attention – finally!  A new poll shows Corrigan is within 4 points of Kucinich. Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of Kucinich, an avowed socialist in Congress who consistently votes against YOUR values?  Kucinich is a man without principles who is easily swayed by a simple ride on Air Force One (remember how he changed his vote on the healthcare bill after his joy ride with 0bama?)  And the best part is, we can replace Kucinich with Corrigan, someone who will be an advocate for  liberty, free-market principles and OUR values!

I am asking you to support Peter Corrigan NOW by:

1. Going to corriganforcongress TODAY and making a donation of $100, $50, or $25 – or whatever you can afford.

2. Forward this email to other liberty lovers who will support Peter.

3. Check corriganforcongress for his next sign waving opportunity or speaking event.

4. Vote for Peter if you live in his district.

Take action TODAY to save our freedom!

P.S. We need conservative voices and, until we fill the government with more people who believe in fiscal sanity, I am asking you to donate to Corrigan &  Slom TODAY and join them for sign waving, phone banking or whatever you can do. Forward this email and, as soon as you are able, vote for Corrigan in Ohio-10 & Slom in Senate District 8.


P.P.S.  Look for the regular version of the HDR later this week.


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  1. Fed Up in Cleveland says :

    Already donated, already voted and I am with Pete in any way I can help

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