HDR 102 (1): Obama *Hearts* Buckeyes!


Ohio Would Rather Have Bush Back!


ALOHA, ALL! I just found out that Barry & Michelle will be at THE Ohio State campus this week.  They plan to speak at a “Moving America Forward” (LOL!) rally at the Oval on Sunday.  So let’s see….that will make this his 11th visit to the Buckeye State since his election.  Gaffe Machine Biden went to Ohio 3 times in September alone. Are they finally paying attention to the polls?  The latest show Ohioans don’t like 0bama much, or the current governor, Ted Strickland (D…for “Done.”) In fact, the GOP is poised to take back Ohio in a big way.  Why does this matter even if you don’t live in Ohio?  Ohio is consistently a major swing state in every election.  “As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.”  Hey Barry,  you may not feel the love in Ohio anymore….This week’s Fox News poll saw Obama’s approval in the state fall to a new low in Ohio of 33 percent, down 5 points from last week.  Sixty-nine percent of respondents said they felt either angry (38 percent) or dissatisfied (31 percent) about the way the federal government works.  In fact, one recent poll showed that Ohioans would prefer Bush over 0bama now 🙂 Sure, they’ll round up lots of silly students to pose for pictures while you speak (just like they did at that hotbed of radicalism in Madison,WI.)  But don’t bet on those same kids voting for you or your cronies.  In Ohio or elsewhere.  Oh yeah, don’t even try to act like you’re a Buckeye football fan – we’re #1 now and I don’t want you to jinx it.

And Here’s What the Dems Have to Offer. YOU WILL LOL AT THIS FOR SURE!  Check out Alvin Greene in an interview with Lawrence O’Donnell from MSNBC.  His answer to every question is “Jim DeMint caused the recession.”  No joke.  But who’s the bigger pinhead?  At the end, O’Donnell claims that Greene is still “better than DeMint.”  Yes, folks, a lamestream media commentator puts his foot in his mouth yet again.  And they wonder why they have zero credibility.

But Aren’t the Dems Surging? This is what geniuses like Lawrence O’Donnell would want you to think.  But it’s not true:  Republican Trend Grows

Green Lies & Ham ……..inspired by Dr. Seuss’ book


Dopey Hope? NOPE! 11/2 Is Almost Here!


I do not like this Uncle Sam,

I do not like his health care scam.

I do not like these dirty crooks,

or how they lie and cook the books.

I do not like when Congress steals,

I do not like their secret deals.

I do not like this speaker Nan.

I do not like this ‘YES, WE CAN.’

I do not like this spending spree,

I’m smart, I know that nothing’s free.

I do not like your smug replies,

when I complain about your lies.

I do not like this kind of hope.

I do not like it, nope, nope, nope!

(Thanks, Trisha, for reminding me about this new version of Dr. Seuss 😉


Remember This, 0bama?



It Was Ten Years Ago Tuesday.  A terrorist bomb ripped through the USS Cole as it was in port in Yemen. Little did we know 10 years ago that Yemen was a hotbed of terrorist training.  Little did we know that less than a year later the worst terrorist attack on US soil would take place on 9/11/01.  And little did we know that the low-lifes who caused this attack on our Navy would not be brought to justice 10 years later.  In its infinite wisdom, the 0bama administration halted the trial of  Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the mastermind of the attack.  So bringing this enemy of the United States to justice won’t happen anytime soon, or maybe never.  Meanwhile, 17 brave sailors were killed with numerous others wounded.  Here’s a story about one of them:  Fallen USS Cole Sailor Wibberley Remembered With A Vow Note to the GOP:  When you take over in 2012, DO NOT forget our fallen military and those who killed them.  We the people will hold you accountable, just as we will with 0bama and his band of incompetents.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do.  The Chamber of Commerce received illegal foreign money and is now buying ads against the Dems?  Wow – might be a story if it were true.  This whole idiotic, trumped-up charge that the Dems are making against the Chamber of Commerce is laughable!  As Bob Schieffer said to David Axelrod, “Is that the best you can do?” If you looked up the word “hypocrisy” in the dictionary, you’d see the pictures of this entire administration.  Do they honestly think that we won’t remember all the undisclosed donors to 0bama’s campaign?  Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs gave a great synopsis of some of the suspected “funny money” that came into 0bama in 2008:  Foreign Contributions – Investigating 0bama Let alone the fact that there is no proof that the Chamber has done anything wrong:  Foreign Money?  Really? So since Axelrod never answered Schieffer’s question, I will: yes, Bob, that is the best they can do and it shows them at their Chicago-thuggery worst!  Erick Erickson of Red State thinks these idiot should be called “Chamberpots.”  I like that one.  He also compares them to the so-called “birthers”:  Barack 0bama The Birther Erickson also points out that attacks on the Chamber are not new, and that big Union and Andy Stern are the ones behind this whole sordid campaign:  Think Bigger – What’s Really Behind the Dem’s Attack on the Chamber of Commerce While 0bama sees his presidency and agenda sinking into oblivion, it’s much easier to blame the huge losses they are facing in less than a month on a conspiracy theory than their own failed policies.

This Week’s Quick Links:

Tax Hike Calculator (see how the expiration of the Bush tax cuts will affect you.  Thanks to Garry for the link!)

NY Fails to Send Absentee Ballots to Overseas Military (This.  Is.  Criminal!  Thanks to Rob for the link.)

0bama Finds Time for his 52nd Day of Golf (Thank goodness – I was afraid he might be working too hard)

Who Else is Exempt From 0bamacare Rules?

Philips Launches $50 Light Bulb (Who cares if you can’t afford it?  The Green Police will make you buy it)

0bama Administration Admits New Drilling Rules Will Kill Jobs

White House is Lifting Ban on Deep Water Drilling (Dizzy yet?  This administration sure is)

0bama Gave GE $24.9 Million in Stimulus Grants (GE owns NBC.  Yeah, they’re impartial.)

U.S. Spending At Least$18.6 Million Per Day to Incarcerate Illegals (And these are all criminals who are eligible for deportation!)

Final Thought: More of our country’s presidents come from Ohio than from any other state. Eight of 44 American presidents were elected from the Buckeye State, earning Ohio the nickname “the Mother of Presidents.



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4 responses to “HDR 102 (1): Obama *Hearts* Buckeyes!”

  1. giliar says :

    We won’t let them forget, Lee!

  2. Lee says :

    You mentioned not forgetting our fallen–and who killed them–when we take over. This is an excellent point. May President Palin launch “Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) II” and avenge the country and our fallen on all enemies, foreign and domestic.

  3. Ralph says :

    Great article as usual, Gilia. Thank you for remembering the Cole. It was built and then repaired in Pascagoula, Mississippi. I have many friends and relatives who worked on that boat during it’s construction and repair. For the folks in South Mississippi, that attack was very personal. I have forwarded a link to your blog to my family and friends in Mississippi. Keep up the good work! Mahalo!

    • giliar says :

      Thank you Ralph! We lost heroes that day and should never forget their sacrifices.

      Sent from my iPhone. Have a great day! Jill

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