HDR 101(1): One Nation, Over-Rated.

Heard At 10/2 Rally: "Dude, Where's The Crowd?"

ALOHA, ALL! Want to see what Astro Turf really looks like?  Just Google all the web postings for the so-called “One Nation Rally” last weekend in DC.  With their pre-fab signs, matching t-shirts and foul mouths, every form of socialist crazy invaded the Mall.  It was over-hyped, over-estimated and over-rated.  Funny how no one in the lamestream media will try to estimate the attendance…in all fairness, they are admitting that Glenn Beck’s 8/28 Restoring Honor rally had more people.  *Gee, thanks*  One of my favorite videos is from Americans for Prosperity….it’s a re-cap of the event to the tune of the Soviet national anthem.  Fitting. Especially when you see the list of the organizations sponsoring the event:  One Nation Working Together (All those groups and that’s all they could get to show up?)

Meanwhile, did you hear ANYTHING on the news about the lefty who assaulted a conservative reporter at the commie-fest?  Of course not.  But it happened, and the rabid woman kept coming back for more:  Reporter Assaulted At Leftist Rally Nice language, too.

And the trash – unbelievable! Aren’t lefty commies supposed to be environmentalists?  In contrast, the Restoring Honor rally left the Mall cleaner than when they started.  So did the various Tea Party rallies.  Protestors Shame America With Trash Left Behind So maybe the pledge of allegiance for all those labor unions, socialists and malcontents who showed up on 10/2 at the “One Nation” slob-fest should be:

I pledge allegiance to the unions, and the socialist takeover of America.  And to the destruction for which they stand, “One Nation,” littered with trash, with misery and mediocrity for all.

If the commie t-shirt fits…..

Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally. CBS Says This Is What 87,000 People Looks Like. What Does That Say About 10/2?

Probably the Most Disturbing Thing I’ve Seen All Year. Check out this video from British enviro-nuts.  It shows kids and people being blown up because they aren’t in line with their propaganda.  Literally….being blown up!  Murder Children For A Greener Tomorrow The name of the group behind this monstrosity is The 10:10 Movement Disgusting.

What An Honor To Meet Liz Cheney!

I’m A Smart Girl 😉 OK, at least last weekend I was smart.  I went to an incredible summit where I had the opportunity to hear Liz Cheney, Michele Bachmann, S.E. Cupp and numerous other conservative women speak.  And I met a ton of other Smart Girls from around the country.  This was the second Smart Girl Summit, put on by a couple of dynamic women (Teri Cristoph & Stacy Mott) and their crew.  They started a web community called Smart Girl Politics in 2008, and it has grown dramatically since then.  Smart Girl Politics is a grass roots organization that promotes the opinions and principles of conservative women. SGP is dedicated to the advancement of conservative women in all levels of public service. Men are more than welcome to join.  I hope to go back to the summit next year!

Must-See Movie! Last week at the Smart Girl Summit, I had the wonderful opportunity to see an early screening of the new documentary, “Fire From the Heartland.”  It’s a blockbuster!  The movie focuses on conservative women across the country and how WE are taking this country back.  With conservative icons like Michele Bachmann, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Phyllis Schlafly, S.E. Cupp and more it will grab your attention from beginning to end.

Another Must-See“Waiting For Superman.” This documentary focuses on the woeful state of the public school system in our country….a system that the progressives seem to think is fine and will defend with every fiber of their Marxist souls.  “De Nile” ain’t just a river in Egypt.

Don’t Mess With This Texas Bank.  My friend Steve sent me this story about the Chappell Hill bank.  Apparently, it’s a gun-friendly facility!  A sign on the front door says, “Lawful concealed carry permitted on these premises. Management recognizes  the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as an inalienable right of all citizens. We therefore support and encourage the carrying of licensed concealed weapons.”  LOVE IT!  Wanna bet that a robber will think twice about going into that bank?  Here’s the rest of the story:  Bank Encourages Second Amendment

Who’s the “Party of NO”? Another great story from my friend Steve:  5 Reasons Why Democrats Are The Real Party of No I keep telling anyone who will listen to me (obviously, no many) that the GOP is actually the “Party of Know” this election season. They know that they better listen to all the fiscal conservative Tea Partiers and turn this ship around tout de suite (Barry would be proud of my French, I’m sure.)  Then again, it’s OK to be the “Party of HELL No” when dealing with Pelosi and her crew.

BREAKING NEWS! The Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association has just endorsed Peter Corrigan over Dennis Kucinich!  This is a big deal since apparently they rarely endorse a Republican.  In their letter to Peter they stated:

Dear Mr. Corrigan,

On behalf of the nearly 1,800 active and retired members of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association and our families, I am pleased to offer you our enthusiastic endorsement and support for your bid for United States Congress in the mid term 2010 elections.

While you have always been a strong supporter of Law Enforcement, the reasoning behind our support is much more far reaching than that. It is painfully obvious to our Membership and our families that Northeast Ohio HAS NOT been well represented in Ohio’s 10th Congressional District for many years now. The region, the state of Ohio and the Nation have suffered terrible losses due to this lack of leadership.

We strongly believe that your integrity, strength of character, and business experience are desperately needed in the United States Congress for the betterment of all Ohioans, and the United States of America. It is for these and many other reasons the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association is proud to offer you our highest possible endorsement.

Please feel free to use our logo, this letter, and the good name and reputation of the CPPA in any way you deem necessary to further your campaign.


Stephen S. Loomis, President – Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association


This Week’s Quick Links:

0bama Re-elect Number At 38% (What??  No more “hope & change”??)

Dem Congressman Claims Social Security Is “Stable” (Laughter erupts)  🙂

FBI Investigates Andy Stern (What took so long?)

Greta Destroys Gloria Allred (UPDATE – it turns out the maid filed a false social security number.  Can you say “felon”?)  Megyn Kelly also got in on the act:  “You might have a political agenda.”

Cuba Begins Deep Water Drilling in 2011 (Meanwhile, the 0bama administration tightens rules on US drilling)

0bamacare Causes 3M To Cancel Retiree Health Insurance (But, but….I thought we could keep our existing plans???)

Health Reform To Worsen Doctor Shortage (But, but…I thought we could keep our doctors???)

Nevada’s Largest Newspaper Endorses Sharron Angle (Buh-bye, Mustang Harry.)

UK Pundit Thinks Suffering Children Should Be Smothered (Niiiiiice!  And she considers herself compassionate.)

New Christine O’Donnell Ad: “I’m You”  GO CHRISTINE!!!!

Final Thought: “It has been said that all Government is an evil. It would be more proper to say that the necessity of any Government is a misfortune. This necessity however exists; and the problem to be solved is, not what form of Government is perfect, but which of the forms is least imperfect.” –James Madison, 1833



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