HDR 97(1): Bark Like A Dog

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ALOHA, ALL! OK, I couldn’t resist that title for this week’s HDR.  After 0bama’s remarks at the big union pow-wow in Wisconsin, how could I not?  Then again, it may have been more accurate to title this issue:  “Whine Like A Wimp.” Honestly, could you ever have imagined a President of the United States being such a complaining cry-baby?  He takes no blame for the economy – it’s all Bush’s fault.  He thinks criticism of his policies are because certain people in middle America “cling to guns and religion” and have “antipathy to people who aren’t like them.”  He bows to Muslim leaders and promotes a doctrine that makes America mediocre (see last week’s HDR.)   All the while he takes vacations, eats lobster and golfs more than Ernie Els (yes, I know who he is – hubby will be impressed!)  So now he bitc#*$ (couldn’t resist that one either) that his critics are “treating him like a dog.”  This is an outright fabrication – my friends who have dogs love them and treat them like family!  In fact, where is PETA?  Didn’t 0bama malign dogs unfairly?  Some think this comment will come back to bite 0bama (yes, analogies abound.)  And actually, 0bama referred to himself as a “mongrel” on The View not long ago. Poor Barry – maybe he should just go sit in his corner and eat more arugula with his lovely wife.  Or better yet, he can start reading First Dog Bo’s blog and commiserate there.  Be Sure to Vote in this HDR Poll

Now That We Have That Under Control…..This Week’s HDR Feature Is “Labor Day Has Become Government Day.” Since we just celebrated Labor Day, this seemed especially pertinent. The information is taken from the excellent site, The Heritage Foundation: It is the first Labor Day on which a majority of union members in United States work for the government. In January the Department of Labor reported that union membership in government has overtaken that in the private sector. Three times as many union members work in the Post Office as in the entire domestic auto industry. The face of the union movement is not a worker on the assembly line but a clerk at the DMV. This is a dramatic shift for the union movement. The early trade unionists did not believe that unions had a place in government. They believed the purpose of unions was to redistribute business profits from owners to workers … and the government makes no profits. Not until the 1960s did unionizing government employees become widespread. Now government employees make up 52 percent of all union members. So what? Why should Americans care if unions are now dominated by workers who get their paychecks from governments, instead of workers who get their paychecks from private firms? There’s one simple reason: private firms face competition; governments don’t.

Collective bargaining, the anti-trust exemption at the heart the labor movement’s power, was created to help workers seize their “fair share” of business profits. But if a union ends up extracting a contract from a private firm that eats up too much of the profits, then that firm will be unable to reinvest those resources and will lose out to competitors. But when a union extracts a generous contract from a government, there is no check on that spending. Instead of being forced out by more efficient competitors, the government just raises taxes.

The shift from private to public sector has fundamentally changed organized labor’s priorities. Unions used to support policies that would help their private sector employers grow. But now that they are largely dependent on the government, the only growth that unions are interested in is the growth of government. So unions push for tax increases across the country. Consider recent union activism:

"Im dancing with the ones who brought me!"

  • Illinois. Unions want state lawmakers to increase the state income tax from 3 percent to 5 percent and to expand the sales tax to cover some services. In April 2010 they organized rallies of government workers outside the state capitol shouting “Raise my taxes! Raise my taxes! Raise my taxes!” At that rally, a government union member was caught on camera chanting “Where’s the money?” and “Give up the bucks!”
  • Montana. The Montana teachers union openly sees itself as a supporter of tax and spend politics. Its President boasts, “Were it not for us almost any one of the … anti-tax and spend ballot issues proposed in the last 25 years would have passed.”
  • New Mexico. Unions lobbied the state’s legislature to raise taxes to deal with its budget deficit. The union got its wish, but it was not the wealthy who paid – the legislature imposed a 2 percent sales tax on food.
  • Washington state. Washington state has no income tax, and unions want to change that. They have placed an initiative on the November ballot creating a state income tax and are among the top donors to the campaign to pass it.

Government unions are the backbone of the Obama dependency economy. Taxpayers should not have to subsidize union campaigns, much less those that call for tax increases. At the very least Congress should end the automatic payroll deduction of union dues.

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This Week’s Quick Links:

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Final Thought: This week’s quotes are courtesy of our friends at Hawaii Free Press.

“A lie told often enough becomes truth” — Vladimir Lenin

“There’s nothing so absurd that if you repeat it often enough, people will believe it.” — Psychologist William James

In Honor Of 9/11:  This Saturday marks the 9th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.  In memory of all those who died, be sure to watch this video of Robin Williams as the American flag.  It’s a classic!  (P.S. – not crazy that it was created by Norman Lear.  But note the year – 1982….even liberals weren’t afraid to be patriotic then!)



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