HDR 96(1): The 0bama Doctrine – Be Mediocre

ALOHA, ALL! What to write about this week?  It’s kind of like going through the phone book with your eyes closed and pointing to a name….there is so much to pick from and so much going on.  Should I cover the maniac in Silver Spring who thought human children are “filthy?” He was determined to save “the Lions, Tigers, Giraffes, Elephants, Froggies, Turtles, Apes, Raccoons, Beetles, Ants, Sharks, Bears, and, of course, the Squirrels.”  Oh yeah, and he was driven to do what he did after watching Al the Goracle’s movie. Then there’s Kathleen Sebelius stating that we all needed to be “re-educated” about obamacare.  Re-educated??  Seriously??  Is this Russia or China??  Or how about the story that the U.S. is headed for a “debt super cycle” because of 0bama’s unprecedented spending?  There’s also the fact that Eric “I Heart Terrorists” Holder has decided to not prosecute the USS Cole bomber.  And how do you explain the Congresswoman from Texas who didn’t realize it was wrong to give thousands of dollars in CBC scholarship funds to her own grandkids?  (Rhetorical question.)  On the good news front, I could cover Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally that exceeded all expectations and is making the lamestream, progressive media’s heads spin.  Tim Pawlenty has taken a bold  move to squash 0bamacare in Minnesota.  Jan Brewer continues to show why she’s a gutsy leader by fighting back against 0bama telling the UN that Arizona has committed human rights violations.  And there’s the “Miracle on Ice” in Alaska where Joe Miller beat Lisa Murkoski.

But here’s what I’m focusing on this week because it explains everything:  The 0bama Doctrine. Remember the snobby, looking-down-his-nose Charles Gibson asking then-VP candidate Sarah Palin about the “Bush Doctrine?”  (BTW – one “Bush Doctrine” didn’t really exist.  The question was truly a set-up.)  But the 0bama Doctrine has become perfectly clear, especially after his yawner of a speech Tuesday night.  I’m excerpting part of a longer article that explains the 0bama Doctrine…a doctrine that downplays American exceptionalism in favor of world partnership and “shared progress.”The Obama Doctrine is anchored in the belief that America is devoid of singularity, exceptionalism, or historic mission rather than a country with unique resources, experiences, and devotion to freedom.  Read part of it here and then click the link to read the entire article – it’s excellent and explains every 0bama move to a tee:

“President Barack Obama has said that America would reach out to other countries as “an equal partner” rather than as the “exceptional” nation that many before him had embraced; that “any world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will inevitably fail”; and that “[o]ur problems must be dealt with through partnership” and “progress must be shared.” He has laid out in his public statements the tenets of a doctrine that, if enacted, would enable his Administration to remake America as one nation among many, with no singular claim either to responsibility or exceptionalism: (1) America will ratify more treaties and turn to international organizations more often to deal with global crises and security concerns like nuclear weapons, often before turning to our traditional friends and allies; (2) America will emphasize diplomacy and “soft power” instruments such as summits and foreign aid to promote its aims and downplay military might; (3) America will adopt a more humble attitude in state-to-state relations; and (4) America will play a more restrained role on the international stage. These tenets, however well-intentioned, will make America and the world far more insecure. Examining President Obama’s doctrinal statements and actions more closely demonstrates why reasserting American leadership on behalf of liberty would be the wiser course.”

More points:

  • 0bama is the first President since 1991 not to welcome the Dalai Lama to the White House (reportedly because he did not want to offend China) when that dignitary made his first visit to Washington after Obama took office.[45]
  • He prominently posed in a now-famous handshake with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez.
  • He did not meet with Prime Minister Gordon Brown when Brown first came to Washington; in fact, the White House refused five requests from the U.K. before the President granted a meeting and after turning down Brown’s request for help in the Falklands dispute[46] (and reversing years of U.S. policy by supporting Argentina in that dispute).
  • He canceled his trip to Asia twice for domestic political reasons.
  • To “reset” relations with Russia, he essentially allowed Russia a veto over our missile defense plans with the Czech Republic and Poland, making no effort to criticize Moscow’s growing assault on its citizens’ political and civil rights.
  • He further fed our allies’ concerns about his aims toward Russia when he failed to meet with the President of Georgia in Washington for his nuclear proliferation summit, and he did not even invite the President of Azerbaijan—a country important to his plans for Afghanistan and Iran—to that summit despite inviting all of its neighbors but Iran.[47]
  • To the people of “The Americas,” he wrote: “too often, the United States has not pursued and sustained engagement with our neighbors.” He said the U.S. had been “too easily distracted” by its other priorities in the world, but that his Administration would “renew and sustain a broader partnership…on behalf of our common prosperity and our common security.”[48]
  • And he chose to back Hugo Chávez’s ally in Honduras, who was seeking to extend his own presidency unconstitutionally, even as Chávez was mocking Obama for weakness and asking Russia for new weapons.


C'mon, Barry - jump over that dang gate!

Woo Hoo!  Check Out Peter Corrigan’s Endorsement by the Cleveland Fire Chief’s Association: YouTube – Corrigan For Congress He can and WILL beat Moonbat Kucinich!!!

Speaking of the Buckeye State – a new poll showed that people in Ohio would rather have George Bush as President than Barack 0bama.  Ohio – Bush 50, 0bama 42 Go Buckeyes!

Final Thought: “[W]e cannot win the race to the future shackled to a system that can’t even pass a federal budget. We cannot win that race held back by horse-and-buggy programs that waste tax dollars and squander human potential. We cannot win that race if we’re swamped in a sea of red ink.” –Ronald Reagan



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  1. giliar says :

    Thanks, Lee! I’ve been wondering if each issue was too “jam-packed” with information that it made people’s heads explode! Based on your comments I’ve decided to make each HDR more focused, with fewer stories and links but one main story per issue. I think that makes for an easier read – we are all on overload these days!

  2. Lee says :

    Best HDR yet! Lots of good stuff, good reference material, and gives the pertinent information without overload.

    Oh, and that nut at the Discovery Channel ought to be tried for (hate) crimes against humanity.

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