HDR 94(1): Anchors Away!

ALOHA, ALL! You’ve heard me talk about my Mom before…she’s an Italian immigrant who came to the United States when she was 8 years old.  She went through Ellis Island, couldn’t speak English, wore earrings (yikes!) and was basically shunned by her peers for years.  Her first friend in this country was a young black girl who stopped by her house each morning to show her the way to school.  For my Mom (and all immigrants arriving in the U.S. back then) their American Dream hinged upon becoming legal citizens of this country.  They worked hard to achieve that goal, and once they did it was the proudest moment of their lives.  Flash forward to today:  illegal immigrants demand rights they are not entitled to and look for an easy path to citizenship.  It’s no wonder that the anchor baby issue has become a huge problem. Here are some stats:

Across Texas, 60,000 Babies of Noncitizens Get U.S. Birthright – and that’s every year!

Illegal Immigrants Estimated To Account For 1 In 12 US Births – that’s 8% of all births!

Erick Erickson – The 14th Amendment Canard – “Subject to the jurisdiction thereof.”

Now why is that last phrase important? The author of the 14th Amendment Citizenship Clause, Senator Jacob M. Howard, stated, in reference to the Amendment, “This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the family of ambassadors, or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons.”  So the amendment doesn’t need to be amended, only followed.  Our poor Constitution is battered on so many fronts…do we have the will and determination to salvage it?  We’ll see.

(Thanks to my friend Ralph for the great anchor baby image!  He’s a talented photographer and graphics guy.  He’ll be contributing more of his work to future editions of the HDR.  You can contact Ralph at ralphlyon@gmail.com)

The Sunshine State Steps Forward.  Florida attorney general and gubernatorial candidate Bill McCollum isn’t waiting for the final word on Arizona’s court-challenged SB1070. He’s sponsoring a Florida version that deals with the legal objections while ending the concept of sanctuary cities and providing for enhanced penalties when illegal aliens commit crimes.  BRAVO!  Don’t Tread On Florida

TOTUS Went to FL With The Prez! No Vacation For Him, Though.

0bamas Swim And Vacation In The Gulf! Well, kind of.  Florida was also in the news this week because the 0bamas “vacationed” there to encourage tourism in the area.  How thoughtful of them.  But as with anything that has to do with the Royal Couple, not all is as it seems.  It turns out that Barack’s swim in the Gulf with Sasha was actually in St. Andrew Bay, Not the Gulf .  And gee, the poor 0bamas could only take a 27-hour vacation there…must be because of Barack’s heavy work schedule.  I guess he needed to get back to DC ASAP.  Uh, no – he had to get to a Beverly Hills fundraiser.  0bama told the assembled Hollywood elite, who paid $2,500 a person for cocktails and $30,400 a couple for dinner: “We have been able to deliver the most progressive legislative agenda – one that helps working families – not just in one generation, maybe two, maybe three.”  The progressive think these are achievements. Most of us consider them failures:  0bama’s Progressive Failures.  Wanna know who was there?  0bama Fundraiser in LA But 0bama does have a busy schedule…he was in Seattle on Tuesday and headed to Columbus that night…all in the name of fundraising.  I thought he said the campaign was over?

You Can’t Handle The Truth! A DC reporter was suspended because he mentioned on air that 0bama had received the most donations from BP of any politician.  McKelway’s live report began with a factually correct statement about BP’s donations to President Obama. McKelway accurately noted that Obama received $77,051 from the BP employees, information verified by the Center for Responsive Politics.

But You Can Pay For The Propaganda. Did you know your tax dollars are being used to promote 0bama’s agenda and policies?  Rep. Darrell Issa (CA), ranking Member of the House Oversight Committee, has published a report with some damaging information against the Obama Administration. The report covers how the Administration uses campaign-style PR and propaganda to push its policies — using federal funds to promote a political agenda.  BTW, this is illegal:  Issa’s Report on 0bama’s First Year:  Public Relations And Propaganda Initiatives

You Thought ACORN Was Gone?  Think Again.  ACORN might have disbanded, but the risk of vote fraud in the November 2010 elections is still real.  Unmasking ACORN:  Former Leaders Re-Organize With New Groups

Must Be Nice….The biggest earmark in American history has been doled out to a company in Illinois, the President’s home state, in the name of green jobs.  According to a Department of Energy press release, one billion dollars is being provided to ”FutureGen Alliance, Ameren Energy Resources, Babcock & Wilcox, and Air Liquide Process & Costruction, Inc. to build FutureGen 2.0, a clean coal repowering program and carbon dioxide (CO2) storage network.”  0bama Earmarks One Billion In Stimulus Money For Company In Illinois

Once Again, The Brits Get It. More and more it seems we need to read the British newspapers to get the whole story. Can you imagine The New York Times printing this?  The Stunning Decline of Barack 0bama:  10 Key Reasons Why The 0bama Presidency Is In Meltdown (Thanks to Anita for the link.)

Depends On What Your Definition Of “Lying” Is. Remember how I said that Bill Clinton’s claim that he talked to Joe Sestak about dropping out of the PA Senate race smelled fishy?  I contended that he “admitted” to talking to Sestak just so he would have something to hold over 0bama’s head.  it turns out I may have been right….I hate it when that happens.  Job-Gate Lives!  Clinton Denies Asking Sestak To Drop Out Of Primary You can’t blame Bubba – he’s just setting the stage for Hillary to ride in on her donkey/ass/whatever and save us from Evil 0bama.  Plus, he’s doing what he does best – keeping a little something on the side.  Besides, if 0bama is impeached, all the better for Hill:  Will Clinton’s Sestak Denial re-Open Calls For Impeachment?

Rise Up! My friend Diamond Tiger who writes the excellent Logistic Monster blog put together this video to get us in the mood for November:  An Anthem For The Revolution AWESOME!!!!

Uh…Okay.  The Latest “Green” Auto Technology – The Poopmobile

Is That Two Ply Or Three? So discussing toilet paper seems like a good idea at this point.  And it’s been in the news lately.  Australians will be paying 42% more for tp thanks to the environmentalists there:  Toilet Paper “Down Under” To Cost More And closer to home, don’t be surprised if your kids have toilet paper on their back-to-school lists.  Some schools are now requesting that kids bring their own.  Neil Cavuto talked about this on his show the other day.  His guest was from one of the teacher’s unions…she wasn’t ready to pony up so the kids didn’t have to bring their own tp.

Thug Tactics 101.  Recently, Accuracy In Media interviewed Gigi Gaston, director of the documentary film, “We Will Not Be Silenced.” The film documents voter intimidation and corruption by forces working for then-candidate Barack Obama at Democratic precinct caucuses and state conventions during the 2008 Presidential primary. The filmmaker is surprising in that she is a lifelong Democrat, whose grandfather was the mayor of Boston and later the governor of Massachusetts, and she is a Hollywood screenwriter.  Serious Questions Raised About 0bama Tactics in 2008 Election

Don’t Alert The Media! Wonder why you didn’t hear about W’s visit to troops returning from Afghanistan last week?  The press was too busy fawning over the classless 0bamas.  George W Bush Makes Surprise Visit To US Troops W & Laura showed up at the USO in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. There they mingled with the returning soldiers, thanked them, chatted and posed for photos as proof of the unexpected encounter for folks back home.  Nothing but class!

Oh No He Didn’t……The mosque controversy continues to get lots of attention.  Why did 0bama say what he did and come out in support of the “right” to build it?  My husband calls him “The Kamikaze President” since it seems like he just keeps doing and saying things to make his poll numbers dive (hubby also thinks he wants the Dems to lose Congress big this Fall – it  makes it easier for him to be re-elected in 2012.  While I don’t agree with his assessment, think about it…sure is plausible!)  anyhow, here’s the best opinion piece I’ve seen so far about 0bama’s Ground Zero mosque fiasco:  President 0bama’s Mosquerade BTW,  If it walks like a Muslim and talks like a Muslim……Check out this video:  0bama The Islamic Ballerina AND, here’s an 0bama quote from the Jakarta Globe:  “Ramadan is a celebration of a faith known for great diversity and racial equality. And here in the United States, Ramadan is a reminder that Islam has always been part of America.” REALLY?  Diversity and equality?  You have got to be kidding me!  This is a religion that thinks it’s OK to stone women to death.  And Islam has always been a part of America?  George Washington is rolling over in his grave.

Is It A Mosquerade Or a Charade? Some think that 0bama has purposely fanned the flames of the mosque controversy to keep our attention off the economy.  I don’t think he’s that smart….in fact, unlike the Cambridge police, he’s the one who acted stupidly.  But with the economy continuing to tank, he and the Dems are in big trouble: Obamanomics: Deficit Of Hope

Could They be Any More Desperate? Massachusetts Dems are trying to get Ted Kennedy’s widow to run against Scott Brown in 2012.  Seriously.  Apparently, they think that because she has Kennedy’s name she’s a contender.  But maybe she’s smarter than all of them since she already turned them down for 2010.  Democratic 2012 Massachusetts Strategy:  Kennedy


Final Thought: “The Obama Economic Recovery Continues To Lumber Forward With All The Momentum Of A Blind, Three-Legged Elephant.” (Editorial, “The Obama Recovery,” Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8/8/10)


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