HDR 93(1): A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Marbella

ALOHA, ALL! First, let me say that I don’t begrudge anyone taking a vacation.  We all need a break at times. Second, let me say that I don’t begrudge anyone taking an expensive vacation, if they can afford it.  That said, it’s insensitive, excessive, hypocritical and downright wrong that Michelle 0bama spent several days basking in the sun in Spain.  Sure…she claims she paid for all her “personal” expenses – whatever that means.  But since she’s the First Lady (makes me almost gag to say it) the taxpayers are on the hook for a lot of money.  The jet, the Secret Service and more add up to a pretty penny (estimates are that the round-trip flight alone cost about $178,000.  Gee, that’s some first-class treatment!)  There were about 70 government employees involved in M0’s trip, along with a motorcade of 13 cars (and most were gas-guzzling SUVs…but I digress.)  Bottom line:  once again the 0bama’s show how out-of-touch they are with the American people.  And while a recent poll showed that Mo’s popularity was extremely high (66% – but that was on Aug 2, right before her Spanish get-away)  I’m guessing now….not so much.  The Dems were seriously considering having her go out on the campaign trail instead of Barack.  So much for that idea.  CHECK OUT THIS GREAT IMAGE FROM MY FRIEND RALPH – LOVE IT!!

Meanwhile, Back At The Gulf.  64% of voters now think drilling should resume in the Gulf.  That’s an 8-point jump from mid-July:  Rasmussen Poll What say you, 0bama?  Why is there still a moratorium? Americans are losing jobs and bleeding money down there.

Of Mud and Ditches. 0bama vowed Wednesday to keep fighting for union-friendly legislation (i.e. “card check”) as he urged labor leaders to go to the polls for Democrats in the upcoming elections.  “You have to remind them for the next three months this election’s a choice,” he told the AFL-CIO Executive Council at the Washington Convention Center. “You’ve got these folks who drove America’s economy into a ditch. And for the last 20 months, we put on our boots and we got into the mud.”  No comment here – that would be much too easy!  0bama Pledges Labor Support

Here’s Mud In Your Eye.  DC Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee has fired 241 teachers, including 165 who received poor appraisals under a new evaluation system that for the first time holds some educators accountable for students’ standardized test scores.  She’s fighting the DC teacher’s union and is single-handedly knocking them out.  Rhee’s name may be mud with the teacher’s union but she’s alright in my book!  Washington Post:  Michelle Rhee

Blue State Rich=Less Taxes.  Democrats from wealthy districts are torn: they really want to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans, but the problem is many of those Americans hail from their own districts! What to do.  One irony of the tax increase that arrives on January 1 is that the it will hit residents of high-income, Democratic-leaning states like California, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York the hardest. This is a problem for pro-tax Democrats.  Enter New York Representative Jerrold Nadler, who wants to exempt his own six-figure constituents from the tax hike he supports. Mr. Nadler’s bill would “require the IRS to adjust tax brackets proportionally in regions where the average cost of living is higher than the national average.”  In other words, the various tax brackets would apply to residents in certain regions at higher income levels versus other parts of the country. A family with an income of $50,000 or even $1 million in Manhattan would pay less federal income tax than a family with the same earnings in Omaha. The bill is called the Tax Equity Act, but a more accurate title would be the Blue State Tax Preference Act.  (Thanks to Garry for the info!)

Blast From The Not-So-Distant Past. 0bama has been criticizing the GOP for only looking toward the next election (i.e. campaigning) while doing his OWN campaigning & fundraisers.  I guess in 0bama Zombieland that’s not a disconnect.  anyhow, 0bama’s mantra lately is that the GOP has “no new ideas.” Guess what?  They have lots of ideas but are not allowed to bring them forward (thanks to Nancy Nitwit.) Check out this article from January about Paul Ryan’s healthcare plan:  Ryan Reintroducing GOP Healthcare Reform Bill Today BTW…those of you who have connections in the GOP, tell them to start proudly saying they are “The Party of Know.”  Wanna bet how fast the Dems will drop their “Party of No” label?

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!  Kinda….. 0bama’s most recent “non-campaigning fundraiser” was in Texas, where the Dem nominee for Governor stayed as far away as possible from His Grooviness.  Current TX Gov, Rick Perry (R) showed class by meeting 0bama’s plane as it landed, then promptly handed him a letter requesting more National Guard on the border (Sidenote:  Perry wanted to meet with 0 while he was in Texas but 0 claimed he didn’t have time.)   Perry Delivers Letter on Border Security OH, BUT WAIT – IT TURNS OUT 0BAMA DIDN’T WANT TO ACCEPT THE LETTER FROM PERRY AND SUMMONED VALERIE JARRETT TO TAKE IT:  Perry Invites obama to Tour the Border with Him I guess he didn’t want to touch something handed to him by such a common person.  After all, isn’t that what minions are for?

“Where The Bills Have No Name.” You know how Nancy Nitwit has called Congress back from recess to vote on some important, expensive bill that we can’t afford?  You haven’t heard the best part:  the bill actually has no name.  H.R. 1586 has adopted the name, the “______Act of____.”  No, I am not joking.  This $26 billion bailout for state governments is so crucial and necessary (according Nitwit) yet they couldn’t even name it?  The Bill With No Name BUT WAIT – IT GETS BETTER!!! Since the Senate already passed this bill with no name, if the Congress passes it the name will probably stick.  The Constitution requires both to pass identical bills, so the House must take up the “______Act of____” and pass it as such:  What Do Prince & HR 1586 Have In Common? Now that just says it all, doesn’t it?  I can think of a few choice names….how about you?

Recess Starts.  Recess Over.  Recess Re-Starts.  What exactly are they doing and voting on in this no-name bill?  Charles Djou (makes me so proud…finally Hawaii has a sane person representing us!)  doesn’t care for it too much:  Djou – State Bailout Is A Political Ploy Bottom line:  Pelosi called everyone back so they could shovel more money to teachers’ unions and states that have been fiscally irresponsible:  Lawmakers Return to Washington To Spend More Money Of course, the administration’s spin is that the bill with no name will save 300,000 teacher and police jobs.  Isn’t it interesting how they use the police to pass spending bills yet tend to think of them as “acting foolishly” at other times?  Has anyone asked how much it cost us to get everyone back there, and then send them home yet again so they can finish their “recess”?  According to the official schedule, Aug 9 – Sept 10 is supposed to be the “Summer District Work Period.”  (Whatever that means – I wonder how many of them will actually have Townhall Meetings?)  In other words, the recess isn’t up until Sept 10.  Oh yeah….the so-called “Party of the Downtrodden” is cutting $12 billion from the food stamps program to supposedly make this bill deficit-neutral:  Teachers Unions Cash In At Expense Of Food Stamp Recipients I say let’s elect Michelle Rhee to Congress!

The Summer Of Recovery – OOPS! The President’s original target for jobs creation set during the campaign in the fall of 2008 was 2.5 million jobs. But as employment fell at the end of 2008, he increased the employment target by 1 million to 3.5 million jobs.

At the time, employment stood at about 135.1 million, according to the DOL’s most commonly used measure. This establishes the Obama jobs target for December 2010 at 138.6 million. It also establishes a basic trajectory for employment that the economy would need to approximate to hit that target.

According to the latest jobs report, total U.S. employment stood at 130.2 million in July, which means the cumulative Obama jobs deficit stands at 7.6 million.

Accompanying his jobs promise, the President also emphasized accountability and measuring his presidency by results. By his own official forecast and by his own standard, the Obama jobs deficit attests to the failure of his policies.

Yet they keep passing more “stimulus” bills, even though the first $862 billion one failed.  Are these people even conscious?

Check out this chart from The Heritage Foundation.

Build The Mosque!!! I’ve changed my mind – let them build the mosque at Ground Zero.  Greg Gutfeld of Fox News’ Red Eye plans to seek investors for an Islamic-friendly gay bar right next door.  He’s serious.  Sounds like an excellent plan to me:  Gay Bar For Muslim Men And since no one else is talking about it, Glenn Beck has put together a little tutorial on who the radicals are behind the Zero Ground mosque.  On his blackboard, of course:  Beck and Blackboard Expose Web of Radicals Around Ground Zero Mosque Imam

Bravo, HuffPo. Yes, you heard me.  The Huffington Post put together a video criticizing 0bama and his hypocrisy on the Afghanistan war:  0bama vs 0bama

RIP Ted Stevens:  Former Senator Ted Stevens Is Killed In Plane Crash

Top Ten Lies About 0bamacare. This is a very handy resource when discussing/arguing with your liberal/progressive/Dem friends.  That is, if you have any:  Yeah, They Lied (x 10)

Final Thought: “Now once again, where does it rain?  On the plain! On the plain!  And where’s that blasted plain?  In Spain! In Spain!  The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain!”  Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins from My Fair Lady – (click on the link for must-see video!)  But not this time – the rain cloud has followed Madame Michelle back to the White House.

One More: I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.– Winston Churchill



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  1. giliar says :

    Ah yes….Beck & Gutfeld were opining on Beck’s show about this. They also thought of “JiHot” and more. Here’s the clip – you can see that Media matters is not too happy about this. Be sure to read all the comments if you want to see incredible hypocrisy at work! http://mediamatters.org/mmtv/201008100060

  2. Lee says :

    As for the “gay bar for Muslim men”: It should be very busy on Thursdays. (Ask an Iraq or Afghanistan vet about that.)

    As for names for the place, Glenn Beck had some ideas:
    – Turban Cowboy.
    – The OUTfidel.

    And a couple of others I can’t remember right now.

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