HDR 92(1): Ain’t No Cure For The Summertime Blues

Aloha, All! Did you hear?  Welcome to the recovery!!!! Wow – it must be true because Turbo-Tax Tim Geithner wrote about it in the New York Times on Tuesday.  He said that “The combined effect of government actions taken over the past two years — the stimulus package, the stress tests and recapitalization of the banks, the restructuring of the American car industry and the many steps taken by the Federal Reserve — were extremely effective in stopping the free fall and restarting the economy,”  *cough, cough*  Um, I don’t know about Tim but have YOU seen the economy restart?  Unemployment wasn’t supposed to go above 8% but it has hovered at near 10% for months now (official numbers….in certain industries and states it’s much higher than 10%).  So is this all a cruel joke?  Does Geithner actually think that if he shouts it in a headline people will believe him? More foolishness and incompetence from the 0bama administration:  Tim Geithner’s Empty Cheerleading

Meanwhile, John McCain & Tom Coburn released a report on Tuesday aptly titled “Summertime Blues.”  It outlines many of the ridiculous “shovel-ready” projects funded by the stimulus bill that were supposed to create jobs.  NOT!!!!  “We have a total now of over 300 projects [and] over $15 billion,” said Coburn. “Could we have used that 15 billion in a way that would have given us a greater economic return, a greater multiplier effect and actually had greater impact on the country? I think so.”  Here are some of the headliners:

* Forest Service to Replace Windows in Visitor Center Closed in 2007 (Amboy, WA) –


* “Dance Draw” – Interactive Dance Software Development (Charlotte, NC) – $762,372

* North Shore Connector to Professional Sports Stadiums, Casino (Pittsburgh, PA) – $62 million

* FEMA Stalls Two Texas Fire Stations More Than a Year, Increases Costs (San Antonio, TX) – $7.3 million

* Abandoned Train Station Converted Into Museum (Glassboro, NJ) – $1.2 million

* Ants Talk. Taxpayers Listen (San Francisco, CA) – $1.9 million

* Stimulus Project Threatens Pastor’s House (Newark, OH) – $1.8 million

* Old Abandoned Iron Furnace Gets Facelift after Money Squandered on Same Project Years Before (Fitchburg, KY) – $357,710

* Power Plant Construction Won’t Start for at Least Two Years (Kern County, CA) – $308 million

* Town Replaces New Sidewalks With Newer Sidewalks That Lead to Ditch (Boynton, OK) – $89,298

Wanna read more?  You can check out the entire report here:  Summertime Blues

But Isn’t It All Bush’s Fault??  Guess what – voters aren’t buying that lame excuse from the 0bama administration anymore:  Dem Pollster Says Voters Not Buying Bush Boogeyman Strategy

Virginia Leads The Way! Something very important happened there on Tuesday.  A federal judge ruled that Virginia can sue the federal government over the constitutionality of 0bamacare.  And….Viriginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli issued a legal opinion that says Virginia police are allowed under the law to check the immigration status of those encountered in the course of normal police work. “It is my opinion that Virginia law enforcement officers, including conservation officers may, like Arizona police officers, inquire into the immigration status of persons stopped or arrested,” he wrote.  WOO HOO!!  Yes, Virginia!

Yet 0bama Still Thinks He Can.  “Yes we can” sure has gone to his head.  He now thinks he can bypass Congress and give illegals amnesty.  Aw….too bad his sneaky little plan was leaked:  0bama’s Amnesty Memo:  Arrogance Run Amok

But Aren’t Those Big, Scary Signs Enough? The 1,200 National Guard troops expected to arrive Sunday on the southwest border for reinforcement won’t finish deploying until late September, federal officials say, stirring confusion and anger among Arizona lawmakers who thought the deadline was Aug. 1.  Timing of National Guard’s Deployment to Southwest Border Stirs Confusions, Anger

Gets My Vote! GOP Candidates Are Running On Cutting Off Funding For 0bamacare

In Case You Missed It – Here’s the new, revised 0bamacare chart:  Republicans Release More Complex 0bamacare Chart. Sure clears everything up, doesn’t it????


You Get What You Pay For. Newsweek sold for $1.00 (yes, the decimal point is in the correct place.)  It was an interesting transaction because a conservative publisher, Newsmax, had offered to buy Newsweek from the Washington Post but was considered too conservative.  So who was the buyer?  Sidney Harman, the founder of the Harmon Kardon audio company.  Guess what?  He’s also married to  Congresswoman Jane Harman (D-CA).  I’m sure the reportage will be extremely fair and balanced now!!!!  Harman Media Buys Newsweek From Washington Post Oh yeah – Jane Harman represents CA District 36….where Venice Beach is.  Gnarly, dude!

Dude, Where’s My Constitution? Another stalwart from California, Pete Stark, told a constituent the other day that the Constitution has no meaning and the federal government can do whatever it wants:  Stark – Constitution Has No Meaning At All He also told another constituent in the past that he wouldn’t waste urine on him.  Seriously.  C’mon, California!  I know you’ve got some good people there!  But you keep electing derelicts like Stark, Pelosi, Waters and Boxer.  Now you’re seriously considering re-electing Jerry “Governor Moonbeam” Brown again!!!  Cool it with the fruits and  nuts and grow up!  Speaking of Pelosi….

You Know Your Scam Is In Trouble When….even a left-wing scientist jumps ship and calls it a”corrupt social phenomenon.”  That’s what Dr, Denis Rancourt had to say about global warming:  Left-Wing Scientist Bails Out of Global Warming Movement

What The Heck Is He Talking About? Here’s some older footage of Patrick Kennedy trying to justify the cost of a $2 million bike path….paid for with OUR money….in his district.  Notice how his argument devolves into rambling nonsense about obesity , education & more.  BTW….I had typically 50-60 kids in my Catholic grade school classes.  In my 3rd grade class, and it was a combined second & third grade.  The horror!!!! Kennedy Tries To Justify $2 million Bike Path

Now I’ve Heard It All….Fort Hood Shooter Still Collecting a Military Paycheck

Final Thought:  “I’m gonna raise a fuss, I’m gonna raise a holler…”  Eddie Cochran, Summertime Blues, 1958.

(Most of you know the version by The Who, but I like this one from Alan Jackson)



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