HDR 91 (1): The Necessity of Hope

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ALOHA, ALL! Yes, I took the liberty of using one of 0bama’s books as the inspiration for this week’s title.  I swapped “audacity” for “necessity.”  And we MUST hope that we can affect true change.  Lately I’ve had several people close to me ask, “What can we do?” I know many feel helpless and that our country is slipping away.  They feel like the government is out of control and our elected officials aren’t listening to us.  I say we have never been in a stronger position to turn things around.  I actually agree with the sentiment that the election of Barack Hussein 0bama is potentially the best thing that could have happened to our country at this time in our history.  (Notice I said “potentially” – it’s difficult to think that now but bear with me.)  If John McCain had been elected President, the current conservative tsunami never would have happened.  We would have continued in our oblivious day-to-day lives, never realizing that it would be possible for a socialistic idealogue to run our country.  It happened, and now we have a choice:  we can either wring our hands and think there’s nothing we can do or we can act.  I choose the latter and I believe you do as well.  What can we do?  Support candidates for Congress and Senate who truly represent our values.  My husband said it best the other day:  if you’ve never given to a political campaign in your life, now is the time to do so!  We can change the game – we have that power.  Throw the bums out!  So how’s this for a game-changer…..

Christine O’Donnell. There’s an interesting Senate race in Delaware. it’s a special election to fill Joe Biden’s Senate seat.  The key words here are “special election.”  Christine O’Donnell is running against RINO Republican Mike Castle for the GOP nomination…and she’s beating him.  Polls show she can also beat her Democrat opponent, Chris Coons.  So think about it….if Christine wins, she is seated immediately.  So much for the Democrats’ plans to push through their lame duck agenda  Christine would be the “Lame Duck Slayer “- gotta love it!!!!!!  (I think we need a video game 😉  Support Christine – go HERE

Another Game-Changer. Do you want to really show the entrenched that we’ve had enough?  How about helping to de-throne a 14-year congressman who’s a liberal kook? (I don’t say that lightly – he believes in UFOs).  For the first time in recent memory, Dennis Kucinich has a strong opponent who can beat him in every way.  That opponent is Peter Corrigan.  I can personally attest to Peter’s integrity, experience and dedication to country – he’s my husband’s cousin.  Support Peter!  Go HERE

More.….Sharron Angle is fighting an uphill battle against Harry Reid.  She initially led him in the polls but now it looks like he has gained significant ground and the race is a statistical dead heat.  Sharon is being painted by Reid’s campaign (with his huge war chest) as an extremist just because she thinks Social Security might be better off privatized.  Doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me.  Support Sharron!  Go HERE

Last But Not Least.  Charles Djou won a special election in May to fill a congressional seat vacated by Neil Aber”commie”.  But now he has to run again in November to keep that seat….a seat that was held by liberals/progressives for decades.   Best of all, that district is where 0bama grew up and lived with his grandparents – where he learned at the knee of Frank Marshall Davis about Marxism and hatred of whites.  OK, I’m digressing.  At any rate, we need to make sure that Djou keeps that seat.  The Democrat machine is very powerful here and will be pulling out all the stops to beat Djou.  Support Charles!  Go HERE

There are other great candidates out there – just check my past “Rising Stars.” Click HERE for more conservative champions from Jim DeMint. But the election of these four in particular would have the liberals’ – and 0bama’s – heads spinning so fast you’d think they were having an exorcism.  Come to think of it, maybe that’s exactly what it would be.  So no more hand-wringing – promote these candidates in any way you can.  Now is the time!!

Impeachment, Part II.  I promise I won’t harp on this topic, but as a follow-up to the excellent post from last week writer/attorney Kelly O’Connell further states the case for 0bama’s impeachment.  Once again published in Canada Free Press, this article discusses 0bama’s grave dereliction of duty in numerous ways. Don’t miss this one:  0bama’s Dereliction of Duty as an Impeachable Act (Much Mahalos to Rebekah for the link)

Swindler’s List.  Wanna know who all those on that JournoList listserv are and where they work?  Here you go:  All 107 (Known) Members With Their News Affiliations Even though the listserv is now defunct, these people are still  out there spreading their vitriol.  And it turns out an 0bama campaign advisor was a member of JournoList.  Knock me over with a feather.

SociaLIST.  While we’re into lists, how about one that tells you all the members of The Congressional Progressive (aka Socialist) Caucus?  Ask and you shall receive:  How many Members of the US Congress are Self-Declared Socialists? I posted this info before, but it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves who these leftists are…and how long the list is.  FYI – 0bama was a member before he became President.  (Much Mahalos to Helen for the info)

"Let Them Eat Cake But Keep Your Hands Off My Arugula"

Noblesse Oblige. 0bama keeps trying to portray himself as one of the common folk.  Check out this interview he did over the weekend talking about how his family has suffered during these economic hard times….and be sure and watch Dick Morris’ analysis:  My Finances Have Suffered, Too Meanwhile, The One is headed out on another Magical Mystery Campaign Tour, including a 49th birthday celebration/fundraiser in Chicago:  Happy $30,400 Birthday, Mr. President 0bama has also decided to not appear in person at the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts (he’s the honorary Chairman) but will dish with the goof balls on The View instead:  0bama Won’t Speak At Boy Scout’s Anniversary He’s trying to convince us he’s one of us and looking out for our best interests?  PLEASE!!! This commentary says it best:  The Salesman Doesn’t Know The Territory Oh yeah – poor John Kerry is getting weary of people asking him about his yacht:  Kerry Gets Testy when Asked About Yacht Controversy Aw, poor baby!!!!  BREAKING – JOHN KERRY SAYS HE WILL PAY ALL TAXES DUE FOR YACHT. That’ almost $500,000 folks.  Aw, poor hypocritical baby!!!  (BTW, thanks to Jessie for sending me that marvelous image.  I posted it once before but it’s a classic.  A preview of  The One’s birthday bash in Chicago, perhaps?  All the usual suspects are there, living it up.  How many can you name?)

Hello Yellow Brick Road! Wow – Elton John is quickly becoming my favorite musician.  Not only did he play at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding and not join in the stupid boycott against playing in Israel, he chastised people for boycotting Arizona….called them “twits.”  Sir Elton, you could teach Sir Paul McCartney a thing or two!  Elton John’s Choice Words for Boycotting Musicians

Ebony and Ivory – yes, Paul McCartney sang it with Stevie Wonder.  That was nearly 30 years ago.  But why is racism back as a topic of conversation?  Didn’t America elect a black President?  And didn’t he say he would be “The Post-Racial President?”  Yeah….he said a lot of things.  Now he and his administration seem to be fueling racism as a way to keep power.  Star Parker nails it:  Why Are We Discussing Racism?

Nut Roots.  Did you hear about the Netroots convention in Las Vegas last week?  This used to be called the Daily Kos Convention (isn’t it interesting how the left changes the names of things when we’ve realized exactly who/what they are?  Progressive instead of liberal comes to mind.)  It’s the annual get-together of leftist bloggers who network on how to destroy the republic.  Netroots had an all-star lineup of nuts, including Van Jones who told the cheering crowd not to worry about deficits, that there are plenty of rich companies to raise taxes on, and “the only question is how to spend it.”  Nancy Nitwit was there and loudly proclaimed “we’re not going back.”  Hey Nancy – you’re going back to the rock you crawled out of soon.  There was even a recorded message from 0bama who tried to rally the troops.  But the real highlight was Harry Reid – I actually watched part of his speech – BO-RING!  Then he let this little tidbit slip out:  “We’re Going To Have A Public Option.”

Right On! While the nuts were meeting in one Vegas hotel, the Right Online convention was happening at another.  This meeting had people like Mike Pence, Andrew Napolitano and Michelle Bachmann.  Hmmm – I wonder which convention was better?  One blockbuster piece of information you didn’t hear about from the Right Online convention was this:  ACORN Whistle-Blower Anita MonCrief to File FEC Charges Against 0bama Administration Gee, I wonder why the lamestream media and the Netroot nuts avoided this story?

Well, Well, Well – White House Backed Release of Lockerbie Bomber It was supposedly on compassionate grounds because it looked like death was imminent.  Meanwhile, the dirtbag is still alive.

DISCLOSE?  Not if You’re a Union.  This Chuckie Schumer-sponsored legislation is about as anti-free speech as it gets.  Supposedly, it’s about campaign finance reform, but in reality it seeks to limit certain groups from being involved in the political process…unless they are the NRA, the Sierra Club or labor unions.  Schumer needs one GOP vote but so far not one is budging: Senator Collins “No” On DISCLOSE Act BREAKING NEWS! SENATE DEMOCRATS UNABLE TO PROCEED ON BILL TO DISCLOSE CORPORATE CAMPAIGN DONORS But they vow to bring it back after the August recess.  Stay tuned….

Is Cap And Trade History? Harry Reid said so last week…and we believe everything he says, right?  But even though there weren’t enough votes to pass the sweeping climate/energy bill, don’t think they’ve given up on it. Remember how we thought 0bamacare was dead after the election of Scott Brown?   White House Says Cap Not Dead

Zero Ground at Ground Zero.  By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the plans to build a super-mosque at Ground Zero.  Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and numerous others have expressed strong opposition to the mosque (for some reason, Michael Bloomberg doesn’t think it’s a problem – what would Rudy say?)  Here’s Mark Levin’s take on the whole situation:  9/11 Families For A Safe and Strong America BTW, my friend Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs has been fighting this monstrosity from the beginning.

TARP Tanks.  The TARP inspector general has called the Obama administration’s mortgage modification program “one of the greatest failures” of the Treasury Department.  It turns out there are no clear objectives.  Plus, three to four million homeowners were supposed to benefit from the $50 billion program.  Only 390,000 have.  More incompetence – what a shock!  Inspector Says Loan Modification Program has Fallen Short

HOT OFF THE PRESS!!! Federal Judge Blocks Parts of AZ Immigration Law “Though the rest of the law is still set to go into effect Thursday, the partial injunction on SB 1070 means Arizona, for the time being, will not be able to require police officers to determine the immigration status of anyone they stop or arrest.

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton also struck down the section of law that makes it a crime for someone to fail to carry immigration registration papers and the provision that makes it a crime for an illegal immigrant to seek or perform work.”  Odd – can someone please explain to me how blocking those parts of the law (which are actually Federal law) makes sense?

Final Thought:  “We have come together here because the American people deserve better from those to whom they entrust our nation’s highest offices, and we stand united in our resolve to do something about it.” –Ronald Reagan



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