HDR 88(1): Leaving Las Vegas

ALOHA, ALL! I attended a convention in Las Vegas last weekend.  That 6:00 am flight I took Sunday morning as I was leaving Sin City gave me pause (for a number of reasons, mostly because I am NOT a morning person!)  Between the slots, craps and blackjack action (no….I didn’t do ANY of these things…I was working) I made it a point to query the locals about how things were going.  While most said things were better than last year, they all agreed that times were tough – unemployment in Nevada is about 14%.  When I mentioned Harry Reid’s name, scorn, epithets, eye-rolling and other gestures occurred.  Whenever I travel somewhere, I try to get an idea from the locals their overall feeling about what’s happening in their part of the country…different places, same reactions.  All this leads me to believe that this November will not be a mere change in both Houses of Congress, it will be a tsunami!  Pay no attention to the recent news stories that perhaps the Dems won’t lose as badly as predicted.  That’s all smoke and mirrors from the lamestream media:  0bama And The Dems heading For Electoral Disaster I’d bet the farm that it’s going to be a HUGE defeat for the Dems…and I don’t even gamble!

Can This Be True???? Congressman John Boehner Willing To Present 0bama Resignation Petitions To House

There He Goes Again.  It’s reported that 0bama’s first words when he landed in Canada for the G-8 Summit were:  “You’ve Got A Lot Of Golf Courses Here, Don’t You?” Seriously.  Dear Leader needs to learn the difference between “golf” and “gulf.”  And you gotta love our esteemed VP…calling a shop owner a “smart ass.” Just think – the line of succession to the Presidency is Biden, Pelosi, and now 85-year-old Inouye (with the death of Robert Byrd.)  Makes you feel secure, doesn’t it?  Then again, Inouye is younger than Byrd was.

Don’t Laugh – It Could Happen.  According to Bill O’Reilly, if obama bypasses Congress to make millions of illegals citizens, that’s an impeachable offense:  O’Reilly Says obama Could Face Impeachment

Barry Gets Slapped; Where’s The Flyswatter? It turns out the leaders at the G-20 (which happened after the G-8…doesn’t anyone stay home and take care of their own business anymore?) didn’t agree with 0bama and decided that nations need to focus on cutting their deficits:  World Leaders Agree On Timetable For Cutting Deficits 0bama called it a “violent agreement.” Is this guy for real?  BTW, he has NEVER had any job involving financial oversight yet he’s qualified to lecture the rest of the world on such matters?  A Baskin-Robbins ice cream scooper in high school, he sure has come a long way, baby!    0bama was afraid that cutting back spending too quickly might jeopardize the “fragile” global recovery.  Global recovery?  What planet does he live on?  Must be the….PLANET OF THE FLIES!!

This Is An Actual, Unaltered Picture!

A fly lands on President Barack Obama’s face as he delivers remarks on the Affordable Care Act and the New Patients Bill of Rights, Tuesday, June 22, 2010, in the East Room of the White House in Washington.

Is That A Threat Or A Promise? What kind of President says this?  “…next year when I start presenting some very difficult choices to the country, I hope some of these folks who are hollering about deficits and debt step-up because I’m calling their bluff. We’ll see how much of that, how much of the political arguments that they’re making right now are real and how much of it was just politics.”  Read more HERE

Get To Know Cloward and Piven.  If you watch Glenn Beck you know who these people are and the strategy they devised in the 1960s.  Their plan was to crash the US economy by overloading state welfare roles and bring on a socialist revolution.  Sound familiar?  1966 Cloward Piven Strategy Unveiled And it just so happens that my cousin sent me this link with a great explanation of CP and how 0bama is using it:  obama’s Agenda – Overwhelm The System Thanks, Randy!

Get To Know Jones.  You’ve heard of The Jones Act, but what exactly is it?  And why did it prevent the Dutch from helping with the Gulf oil spill?  The Merchant Marine Act of 1920, also known as the Jones Act, was meant to save the merchant marine industry by requiring ships that plied American waters be built in the United States and manned by American crews. After the oil started gushing, lawmakers started demanding that the government waive the law to speed international assistance for the cleanup. What the White House can’t waive, however, is the ongoing damage caused by the Jones Act. The policies it embodies are a remnant of a worldview that contributed to economic collapse and the Great Depression.  Read more HERE And it turns out that Dutch offer to help stood for several days.  The Dutch know a lot about dealing with such disasters.  Too bad the unions are more important to 0bama than Averting A Catastrophe Thanks to hubby for these two great links 🙂

Thanks, But No Thanks! Remember when AZ Governor Jan Brewer met with 0bama and he promised he’d respond to her requests for help in two weeks?  Guess what he did?  He put up signs.  Oh yeah – he also decided to sue Arizona.  Brewer responded:  Jan Brewer To The pResident Video UPDATE:  obama now sending 1200 troops to the border (525 are going to AZ).  Brewer says 6,000 are needed, 3,000 of those to AZ.  Rick Perry of TX joins with Brewer in saying it’s not enough:  Governors Criticize obama’s Border Security Plan

HDR 2012 GOP TICKET PREDICTION:  GINGRICH/BREWER! Remember folks….you heard it here first!  Wouldn’t you just LOVE to see Gingrich debate 0bama????????

Everybody’s Talkin’ At Me. Jon Voight wrote 0bama a letter and it was published in the Washington Times.  He said at the end, “Your destruction of this country may never be remedied, and we may never recover. I pray to God you stop, and I hope the people in this great country realize your agenda is not for the betterment of mankind, but for the betterment of your politics.”  I wonder if Dear Leader will respond?  An Open Letter To President 0bama

The Woman With No Paper Trail. Want to know more about Elena Kagan?  The Heritage Foundation has a great overview.  Click HERE And lo and behold, unlike obama the vast majority of Americans (74%) think upholding the Constitution is more important than empathy in Supreme Court Justices:  The Constitution Is Still Number One Looks like Dear Leader is out of touch with the American people on yet another issue.

The Chris And Barney Show. So Chris Dodd’s financial reform bill passed.  He said, “No one will know until this is actually in place how it works.”  HUH?  Is he channeling Nancy Nitwit? And why is the guy who’s been in bed with Fannie and Freddie and charged with all kinds of corruption in charge of financial reform?  Lawmakers Guide Dodd-Frank Bill For Wall Street Reform Into Homestretch But hang on….here’s the best part.  One of the last motions Friday was to name the bill after the two chairmen, Dodd and Rep. Barney Frank who had shepherded the legislation through the House over the past year. At 5:07 a.m., they agreed unanimously that it would be known as the Dodd-Frank bill, and the sound of applause echoed down the empty hallways.  Oh joy.

The Goracle Gets Hot and Heavy.  This is just icky:  Al Gore Was Focus of Sex Crime Inquiry But pretty good title, no?  “Hot and Heavy”  😉

An Independence Day Gift! The Supreme Court ruled, 5-4, that the Second Amendment, which forbids Congress from infringing the right to keep and bear arms, applies to state and local governments as well.
The case, McDonald v. Chicago, involved a challenge to the City of Chicago’s gun control law, regarded as among the strictest in the nation. The justices did not strike down the Chicago law directly, but remanded the case to a lower court for review, where it appeared likely to be struck down under today’s decision.  Justice Alito said, “It is clear that the Framers . . . counted the right to keep and bear arms among those fundamental rights necessary to our system of ordered liberty,” YES!!!!!

Final Thought: “[M]y highest duty as president [is] to preserve peace and defend these United States. … American strength is once again a sheltering arm for freedom in a dangerous world. Strength is the most persuasive argument we have to convince our adversaries to negotiate seriously and to cease bullying other nations. But tonight the security program that you and I launched to restore America’s strength is in jeopardy, threatened by those who would quit before the job is done. Any slackening now would invite the very dangers America must avoid and could fatally compromise our negotiating position. Our adversaries … respect only nations that negotiate from a position of strength.” —Ronald Reagan WOW – we sure could use him now!




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9 responses to “HDR 88(1): Leaving Las Vegas”

  1. Jo Cerny says :

    Hi Jill, please sign me up again. Thanks, Jo

  2. Ralph says :

    Aloha! The Jones act is a union protection racket, nothing more. The cost of living in Hawaii is much, much higher than it should be because of this scam. Guess who its most ardent defenders are? HAWAII’S CONGRESSIONAL DELEGATION! (With the exception of Djou)

    As for Gingrich, I respect him, I admire his knowledge and intelligence. However, I fear he is too damaged. He has taken some positions in the past that makes him appear to be ‘just a politician’ to me. That said, we MUST focus on issues, not personalities. For the first time in a generation, maybe 2, we can have a candidate who is not photogenic or packaged for TV defeat the leftists based on Constitutional issues, not pretty hair. NJ governor Cristy is one to watch.

    @Lee, I could slash and burn VP Biden into a quivering mass of protoplasm in a debate. I am simply a well informed citizen. Ole Joe had his hair plugs planted a little too deep.

    • giliar says :

      LOL, Ralph! Ole Joltin’ Joe has got more than a few screws loose. And I like Christy as well. The most important thing we need to realize the next time around with the Presidential election is that we need to get 0bama out of there! And we need to band together and not nit-pick the GOP nominee. NO ONE is perfect – we can all find things we don’t agree with or like about anyone. But it’s no longer acceptable to sit at home and not vote because we don’t agree with the GOP nominee on a few things (most notably how he/she lives his or her life.) That kind of attitude is what got 0bama in office in the first place.

  3. DiamondTiger says :

    Gilia – you know my dream team don’t you? West/Ryan 2012.

  4. Lee says :

    On your 2012 ticket prediction:
    Gingrich is an adulterous fatass. He’s useful, but not Presidential material.
    Brewer is doing some good things, but has all the leadership ability of a turnip. Even Biden could decimate her in a debate.

    • giliar says :

      Hi Lee – Gingrich isn’t perfect, but we need someone in the WH who actually KNOWS something! Do I agree with everything he has done? Absolutely not. Would I vote for him against 0bama? You better believe it! As for Brewer, she is much more of a leader than 0bama or Biden and I think she would debate rings around “Joltin’ Joe.” They also said Biden would destroy Palin in the debate…NOT!

      • Lee says :

        That’s fine. I’ll be proven right when you have to defend the Scozzafava-endorsing-to-the-end fatass or uphold the “my father died in the 1950s fighting the Nazis in World War II by working at a production plant stateside” Brewer. (NOTE: Just because you agree with a stance or two someone takes does not make them capable of doing anything more than acting as a caretaker in an office.)

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