HDR 86(1): Clowns To The Left Of Me

ALOHA, ALL! Did you miss me?  I must say that even though I wasn’t composing an HDR the past few weeks, I wasn’t being idle.  And it looks like our feckless leaders continued down the path of stupidity.  As HDR readers, you know that I can’t make up my mind whether Nancy Nitwit or 0bama deserve more of my ire.  Yeah, I know….it’s a real dilemma!  Let’s start with Nancy…..

"What, Me Worry?"

Pelosi Moving To New Office.  It appears that her San Fran district office is no longer adequate so she’s moving to bigger digs.  The tax-payer funded new location will be 33% larger than the old office but cost 300% more ($18, 736/month.)  She claims she needed more space because after all, she’s the Speaker of the House now (maybe that big toy gavel should go.)  This is pure lunacy – she’s been speaker for nearly 3 years and now she needs to move?  Prediction:  she’ll be moving again after November 2010:  Pelosi Offers Democrat Example of Frugality and Responsibility

Queen Nancy on MSNBC.  Oh, to be stupid and oblivious….during an interview Pelosi first claimed that she hadn’t heard that the 0bama administration was continually blaming Bush for all the nation’s current problems.  She said, “I haven’t even heard that.”  WHAT?????  Of course, she then appeared to have a brief awakening from her idiocy and said that people would stop blaming Bush “when all the problems go away.”  Aw, how sweet!  So someday when we all live in her statist utopia where there are no problems, Bush will be exonerated.  Pelosi Will Stop Blaming Bush When Problems Go Away.

Say What? Just in case you missed Pelosi’s rambling, incoherent rant about her favorite word, here is it with Bill O’Reilly’s reaction – priceless!!  Favorite Word Is “The Word”

Ever Wonder Who Nancy’s Big Donors Are?  Go HERE


And Look What Happened Outside a Pelosi Event in DC.  Congressman Bob Etheridge (D-NC) assaults college students who ask him the simple question, “Do you fully support the 0bama agenda?”   Wow – what a hateful, incendiary question!  Those kids should be ashamed of themselves:  Congressman Manhandles Questioner The Democrat machine immediately distributed talking points attacking the kids who asked the question and made the video.  Dems Defend Etheridge

"But I Sure Can Suck On This Joint"

Then, There’s Our Dear Leader….Does he really think he’s showing leadership by opining about kicking someone’s ass on national television?  Is he so arrogant to think that we won’t notice that he finally decided to meet with BP oil execs 54 days after the Gulf oil disaster?  Oh yeah, how about this:  “I Can’t Suck It Up With A Straw” And guess where he was during the memorial service for the people killed on the oil rig?  No, not the golf course (good guess, though.)  He was headed to a fundraiser for Babs Boxer. Makes you sick to your stomach, doesn’t it?

He says he’s been on top of the oil spill “since day one.”  Here’s a timeline up until June 5…you decide:  0bama’s Gulf Oil Spill And here’s an update:  0bama’s Gulf Oil spill, Part II Of course, he did go to Alabama Monday and ate some shrimp, saying it was “delicious” and safe to eat.  If this is leadership then I’m qualified to be the Queen of England.  0bama is not only the worst president we have ever had, he’s the most dangerous.  He’s also incompetent. Looks like I’m in good company as Dick Morris agrees:  obama – An Incompetent Executive By now you’ve heard that help from the Dutch (offered 3 days after the spill) was rebuffed.  Did you know the British also offered help and were turned down?  US Turned Down Britain’s Offer To Help Clean Up Spill After all, obama can’t anger his huge union constituency by turning to foreign companies for assistance.  That would be so wrong! BREAKING NEWS:  0bama gives Oval Office speech on oil disaster.  Keith Olberman says, “It was a great speech if you were on another planet for the last 57 days.”   Yes, that Keith Olberman!

A Professional Opinion.  One psychiatrist just wrote an article in American Thinker analyzing 0bama and his odd, narcissistic personality.  She thinks he has serious problems and I tend to agree.  This man had a childhood that was far from normal.  He was abandoned by both his mother and his father and his grandfather chose a communist pervert to mentor him.  Frankly, how could he not be mentally damaged? Here’s her take on him:  What’s Wrong With 0bama? (Thanks to Don for the link.)  And yes….I honestly think 0bama has personality disorders and is mentally damaged.  I believe that more and more each day, and he has done nothing to make me rethink my analysis.  If anything, he continues to confirm my assessment.

Now, For Some Comic Relief…..obama Ass-Kicking Rap Song

Now HERE’S A Leader:  Jindal Orders National Guard To Build Barrier Wall

And A Future Leader Who Makes Me Proud! Djou Urges Congress To Pass Budget (Here’s the backstory:  Democrats’ Budget Is Two Months Late)

Another One!! Mike Pence:  We Won’t Cap That Well with Cap and Trade

More obamacare Myths Exposed:  It’s becoming less likely that you can keep your current coverage.  It also looks more and more like it won’t reduce costs.  Add to that the fact that baby boomer docs and nurses are retiring, and you get the picture.  It’s not a pretty one.

Did You Hear About The Warning Label on The Constitution? Wilder Publications sells pocket-sized Constitutions through Amazon.  Apparently, they think it’s important to let people know the Constitution might not reflect today’s values.  Seriously.  Stupid Publisher Tricks – Company Puts Warning Label on Constitution I say it’s important to let Wilder Publications know they don’t reflect OUR values!

Looking for Some Great Fourth of July T-Shirts? Go HERE

Must-See Video: Marine Singing 4th Verse of National Anthem We all need to memorize       this verse!  I had never heard it before and it’s beautiful.  (Thanks, Rob!)

Final Thought: “He’s becoming very pompous, and I voted for him.  We all had such hope in him and I think he’s reading his own press clippings.”  Joan Rivers on Barack 0bama – you know you’re in trouble when Joan Rivers makes sense.

And – Perfect Definition of a Liberal (Thanks, Steve!)Sam Samford LIBERAL (noun): An open-minded individual whose brain has fallen out. (See Also: Obama, Democrats, Satan)



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  1. Deanna says :

    I thought you might want to see this:

    Look at what happens when Liberals are put on the bench.

    This is shocking. Each Hispanic in Port Chester, NY, has been given the right to cast 6 votes, rather than just one, to help boost Hispanic representation. And that privilege was given by a Federal Judge!

    Is this even Constitutional?


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