HDR 85(1): “Information is a Distraction”

All 0bama, All the Time!

ALOHA, ALL! Picture this: It’s 4 years ago and President Bush is giving the commencement address at Hampton University in Virginia. He says this…..”The 24/7 media environment bombards us with all kinds of comments and exposes us to all kinds of arguments, some of which don’t always rank all that high on the truth meter. With iPods and iPads and Xboxes and PlayStations — none of which I know how to work — information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a means of emancipation. All of this is not only putting new pressures on you, it is putting new pressures on our country and on our democracy.” The press has a field day! Not only is the president admitting he is out of touch regarding new technology, he considers the news and information spread via such means a distraction. Bush is criticized for wanting to suppress free speech. He’s pictured in political cartoons as an out-of-touch old man trying to communicate with Morse Code. The uproar is so loud that Bush eventually needs to hold a press conference to try and explain his way out of his statements….and the press gets a chance to skewer him once again. He never recovers from these ridiculous comments and the press never lets us forget he made them. Well….those comments were made only it was this past weekend and they were made by 0bama. (BTW – he said “ePANTSapation” not “emancipation” – LOL!)  Yet he gets another pass, another wink, another nod. This guy is unbelievable, shameless and a liar (he doesn’t know how to use an iPod? He did a Rolling Stone interview in 2008 talking about all the eclectic music on his iPod. And didn’t he give one to the Queen of England, complete with all his speeches?) Please! The only “pressures on our democracy” are coming from you. The President’s Trick or Tweet Oh yeah, Mr. Brilliant Constitutional Scholar – we are NOT a democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic!!

Here Comes The Judge. Was anyone really surprised that 0bama picked Elena Kagan as his SCOTUS nominee?  Another day, another Chicago radical.  Elena Kagan is just that.  I find it not surprising that 0bama would nominate someone with no judicial experience to sit on the Supreme Court….the highest court in the land THE ONE that makes judicial decisions with far-reaching and long lasting repercussions.  I guess 0bama figures since he had no executive experience and could be elected the country’s chief executive, then having actually DONE something in one’s area that directly pertains to his/her job is merely a technicality.  Go figure. In fact, Kagan mirrors 0bama in many ways:  Elena Kagan is a lot like Obama They pilloried Bork – what makes me think Kagan won’t get “Borked”?  What makes me think the lame-stream media will fawn all over her?  Of course, they already have….first female Dean of Harvard Law School blah, blah, blah.   (BTW, I don’t like so-called “quotas.”  I want the best person for the job regardless of sex, race & ethnicity.  So there’s an idea….what if 0bama had nominated a white protestant male? He would have gotten props from me for sure.)  Looks like Kagan also had ties to Goldman Sachs – I really don’t care about that.  In this day and age you can’t find people who haven’t consulted or worked for some of these large companies and corporations.  So unless she was involved in any of their nefarious actions, so what.  My main concern is that 0bama – true to form – picked someone who fit a certain profile:  female, lesbian, leftist (I thought profiling was frowned upon???)  In fact, my thoughts about Kagan were summed up perfectly in this edition of The Morning Bell from the Heritage Foundation:  Ed Meese on Elena Kagan She also banned military recruiters from Harvard Law School:  Kagan Spit in the Eye of America’s Armed Forces and she wrote her thesis mourning the demise of socialism:  Young Kagan’s Thesis on Socialism

King of Queens...or Something lIke That

I Couldn’t Resist This Picture!  Separated At Birth? (Thanks, Carl 😉

The Safety Dance. Ann Coulter thinks 0bama’s security policy is simple:  Let’s Hope Their Bombs Don’t Work After last week’s HDR, my friend Teri emailed me with an updated list of attempted and thwarted terrorist attacks.  Of almost 30 Islamist terror schemes uncovered on US soil since 9/11, 10 came in 2009. They included:

– a plan to attack military aircraft and synagogues in New York (four men arrested in May),

– the fatal shooting of an Army recruiter and wounding of another in Little Rock in June,

– the North Carolina plot to wage jihad in various countries (either men charged in July),

– a conspiracy to plant bombs in New York (prevented by apprehension of the accused, an Afghan national from Denver, in September),

– an attempted bombing at an Illinois courthouse, also in September,

– an intended assault on a shopping center in Massachusetts, foiled in October,

– and a firefight later that same month in Detroit between FBI agents and radicals bent on establishing an Islamist enclave ruled by sharia law n the United States.

– the Fort Hood massacre on November 5, for which an Army psychiatrist, Nidal Hasan, has been charged with 13 deaths, has been followed by two more cases.

– on December 9, five college-age Muslims from northern Virginia were arrested in Pakistan. They were allegedly headed for terror training camps, and were detained along with Khalid Chaudry, father of the apparent leader of the younger enthusiasts, Umer Farooq Chaudhry.

– on December 14, a filing by federal prosecutors charged that David Coleman Headley, a Pakistani-American businessman from Chicago whose birth name is Daood Gilani, was complicit in the terror assault that killed nearly 170 people in Bombay last year.

Isn't This Illegal....Even For Illegals?

Why Oh, Cinco de Mayo?   Did you know that the 5th of May isn’t even a major holiday in Mexico? It marks a minor Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla (The French?? Do they even have a military?) Anyhow, it’s a regional holiday in Mexico…not a big national celebration as some would have us believe. It’s a bigger deal here in the US because beer and tequila companies have made it so. Yep – all the pro-illegal amnesty folks like to use it as an excuse to feign disdain for kids wearing US flag shirts. After all, wearing the US flag might be incendiary on the 5th of May. Meanwhile, high school kids in Montebello, CA can hang the Mexican flag above the American flag and turn it upside down.  (Thanks to Bruce for the photo.)  And check out this guy – Ron Gochez.  He’s speaking at a La Raza rally at UCLA:  Teacher Calls for Mexican Revolt But here’s the most outrageous part – Gochez is a history teacher at Sanchee High School in the LA area.  I’m sure he doesn’t distort American history one bit – He needs to be fired!

Why do I think we could travel to Mexico on Cinco de Mayo, drape ourselves in the US flag, and no one would care? BTW – Steve Nash, you’re Canadian so don’t lecture us on how to be patriotic. Your silly “Los Suns” shirts for the Phoenix Suns were ridiculous. How many illegals live in your multi-million-dollar-home gated community? My new sports hero is Phil Jackson of the LA Lakers: Phil Jackson Provides Some Answers (I can hear my nephew Andy cheering now!  😉  But, I gotta include this, even though the Cavs lost tonight:  Cleveland Rocks

And did you see how AZ Governor Jan Brewer took out an ad chastising 0bama?  This is good stuff:  Arizona Governor’s Ad Hammers Obama on Immigration

The Gasbags Are At It Again.  John Kerry and Joe Lieberman (with the help of Lindsey Graham) are introducing a bill Wednesday for a new gas tax.  They want us to drive less in order to save the environment, so they think adding an additional tax to the price of gasoline will do this.  Only they deny that it’s a tax.  Only in DC can someone lie to your face and think you’re dumb enough to buy it.  This bill is actually a new Cap & Trade bill that the environuts are trying to push through.  I can see November from my house:  Gas Tax To Be Introduced Wednesday

Speaking of November….Do you think our elected officials are paying attention to what’s happening in Britain?  Gordon Brown and his Labour Party are out and David Cameron is now the Prime Minister .  Michael Barone wrote a good commentary on what this might mean for our elections in November: A Cautionary Tale for US Parties And how about what happened in Utah last weekend?  Veteran Senator Bob Bennet was defeated by the GOP party at its state convention – he won’t even be on the ballot for the primary.  Paul Jacob of Common Sense had a good commentary about how the Tea Party movement really is shaping the landscape in this year’s elections:  Pardon the Vote Fasten your seat belts, folks – it’s going to be a wild ride!

The Three Marxist Amigos.  Everyone has heard of Bill Ayers and his close relationship with 0bama (just a “guy in the neighborhood” – right!)  But I bet you haven’t heard of Mike Klonsky.  It turns out Ayers, 0bama and Klonsky were pretty tight at one time.  They even had offices on the same floor of the same building. Well….Klonsky is the former chairman of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS as it was lovingly called in the 1960s.)  My friend Sammy who writes the Yid with Lid blog connected the dots and it’s pretty interesting the picture they make:  Barack Obama, Bill Ayers and Mike Klonsky It’s a picture that Mao and Lenin would love!

Thank You, 0bama! (Hey….I gotta give credit where credit is due.)  You have inspired individuals to run for political office like never before:  Black Hopefuls Pick GOP It  just goes to show elections really do have consequences 🙂  ALL OF THEM ARE THIS WEEK’S RISING STARS!!!

Greece Is The Word. Looks like our tax dollars are bailing them out, too.  You see, the US is the largest contributor to the International Monetary Fund and since the IMF has decided to bail out Greece, guess who is on the hook for about $7 billion?  OPA!!!!  Hot Air Blog:  Are We Bailing Out Greece?

How About Some Good News For a Change?  All the Navy SEALs were found not guilty:  McCabe Opens Up About Trial According to a well respected astrophysicist the sun (not us) causes global warming:  Real Life Scientist Credits the Sun for Global Warming The Senate voted to audit the Fed.  While it didn’t go far enough, at least it’s a step in the right direction since the Fed has NEVER been audited:   Senate Backs One-Time Audit of Fed Charles Djou is kicking some donkey butt in the Hawaii special election:  Djou Surges in Fundraising American Jews are finally waking up to 0bama:  Obama Has Lost Almost Half His Jewish Support

Final Thought:  “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”  Thomas Jefferson


(Note:  I’m taking a couple of weeks off from the HDR because of a busy travel schedule.  I need to work hard so I can pay my taxes to support the 50% of Americans who don’t pay any – I know you can relate.  Look for the next edition in early-to-mid June.  In the meantime, don’t give up and don’t give in!)


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    If only I had a greenback for every time I came to humpdayreport.wordpress.com.. Incredible read!

  2. Nicole Arambula says :

    Great edition Aunt “G”! Andy was very honored to be mentioned in your report. It was fun seeing you last weekend and being able to talk about all of this face to face. We love you, be safe in your travels! Nicki, Andy, and Vincent

    • giliar says :

      Thanks, Nicki! It was great seeing all of you….Andy a future President and Vincent, too 🙂 And of course, the woman empowering them. See you again soon – lots of love!
      P.S. Now that the Cavs are out I’m cheering for the Lakers!!!

  3. Steve Maloney says :

    We certainly will miss you. I sent out to the multitudes (caring or uncaring is still to be established)a notice for everyone to visit your site and Asia’s at LogisticsMonster. Thanks for being an early supporter of Charles Djou, who’s looking golden these days. If you or any of your subscribers have a few bucks left over after the ravages of the corrupt IRS, please send them to Christian conservative Christine O’Donnell at http://christine2010.com. If she can get some of our money, she can give us a victory.

    • giliar says :

      Aloha, Steve – Christine O’Donnell is amazing! She would be a wonderful Senator from Delaware and a true representative of the people. I think it’s time to break the Biden hold on that state. I hope all HDR readers visit Christine’s site. Thanks for your support of the HDR 🙂

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