HDR 77(1): 0bama Is The Greatest!

ALOHA, ALL! Will they do it?  will the Democrats march off the cliff to support 0bamaCare? It truly is a suicide mission, similar to those who shout “Allahu Akbar” before killing themselves (and others.)  “Allahu Akbar” translates to “Allah is the Greatest” so it sure seems like the Dems battle cry is “0bama Akbar,” doesn’t it?  All indications are that this week is when the decision will be made.  Don’t let up….don’t give in….CALL THESE PEOPLE:  Swing Votes on 0bamaCare My friend Greg wrote an excellent overview of what 0bamaCare would mean if it passes.  Check it out HERE and also read his Facebook group, Soldiers Without Boots.  The link is in the blogroll sidebar.  Here’s another short (not-so-sweet) overview:  5 Facts About 0bamaCare For updated information on where the votes are, check out Code Red.  Bottom line:  we have to do everything we can to stop this.  It’s not about healthcare, it’s about control! To wit:  Democrats Move Toward Grouping Student Aid with Health Reform Why else would student aid be in a so-called healthcare bill???? Here’s more from Dick Morris:  0bama’s Plan To Cripple Education Reforms

BREAKING! New England Journal of Medicine survey just out on 3/16/10 says one-third of doctors would leave the profession if 0bamaCare passes.  People, this is HUGE!  Doctors Could Leave If HC Passes (I’m guessing these doctors weren’t in 0bama’s “Lab Coat Brigade.”)

Page By Page – Here’s a great video from my friend Rob that highlights some of the lowlights of the HC bill.  And this is BEFORE all the new backroom deals and other mischief we don’t even know about:  Know The Truth About Government Run Healthcare

More Light Reading – The Reconciliation Bill Was released Monday and it’s 2309 pages long.  What is this bill?  Here’s how The Heritage Foundation describes it:  “The House Budget Committee will begin markup on the new reconciliation bill even though actual legislative text does not exist for it yet. The Democrats plan to pass a shell of a bill through the appropriate committees so that the Rules Committee can then substitute the bill that is being drafted completely behind closed doors by the White House and Senate and Democrat leaders.” Here’s more:  0bamaCare At Any Cost

Trickery As Tactic.  Remember how Pelosi said a few weeks ago that “We will go through the gate. If the gate is closed, we will go over the fence. If the fence is too high, we will vault in. If that doesn’t work, we will parachute in. But we are going to get health care reform passed.”  Enter the “Slaughter Solution” There’s also the Deem and Pass (aka “Demon Pass”) that Nancy Nitwit is promoting now.  She says she wants to “kick through this door” so that more reform will follow.  As I’ve said before, she has really lost it…she is mentally unstable!  And if this healthcare bill is such a good thing for America, why do they have to use all these underhanded tactics to get it passed?  Just saying.

Hypocrisy As Tactic.  Eric Massa is a clown.  It turns out he has a long history of “tickle fights” with male staffers.  It also turns out that Madame Speaker knew about such shenanigans last October, yet did nothing about it:  Pelosi Knew Barney Franks’ chief of staff knew also (Barney was likely cool with it.)  This is a BIG story that has gotten NO coverage.  If Pelosi knew, she is not only hypocritical (remember her stinging indictment of Mark Foley?) but complicit.  Stay tuned.

Stupak Realizes How Despicable His Colleagues Are:  Dems Told Me Funding Abortion Is Good Because Kids Are Costly

Cornhusker Kickback OK Now….0bama doesn’t object to such deals now – he just wants to extend them to ALL the states:  0bama drops Objections To Sweetheart Deals Seriously?  Can this guy be more inept?

Now We Know Why He Says “Corpsemen”….there is a whole new workforce of them in the healthcare bill!  You sign up, do your part for nationalizing health care and the Corps will get the American taxpayer to foot the bill for your training and educational costs and retire your debts.  Corpses indeed! ObamaCare’s New Public Health Workforce Corps

BREAKING NEWS – even the E-Trade talking babies don’t like 0bamaCare!  😉

Is That A Threat Or A Promise? Word on the street is that 0bama has threatened to not campaign for Democrats who are up for election if they don’t vote yes on 0bamaCare.  Earth to Barry – they don’t want you!  Demand For obama Wanes Among Moderate Dems

Good Stuff. House Republicans approved a ban on earmarks Thursday:  Pence Praises Unilateral Ban The 9th Circuit Court ruled that keeping the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance is constitutional:  Court Upholds “Under God” In Pledge Even more miraculous….this is the same goofy court in California that is deemed the most leftist in the country!  How cool is this – Virginia Passes Law Against Federally Mandated Health Insurance Even better, it looks like at least 36 states are considering similar legislation. Check out all these combat veterans running for Congress:  Combat Veterans For Congress – Electing Fiscal Conservatives Interesting…not one is running as a Democrat.  Go figure. Virginia Thomas, wife of SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas, has started a new organization called Liberty Central.  I met her recently at an event in Dallas – a lovely lady!

This Week’s Rising Star Is….TWO people!  It’s great that so many incredible people are running – makes it difficult to pick just one!  First, Tim Burns.  Tim is a businessman who never thought he would run for office.  He states he is NOT a politician…he’s a regular guy running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 12th district.  His motivation is to ensure a bright future for his two sons and he’s especially concerned about the financial situation of our country.  He says, “Please join me in this fight to take back our country and ensure all our children inherit a strong America, not a bankrupt one.”  A strong fiscal conservative, Tim is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, supports strong national defense, and energy independence.  Sounds like he truly is a real, grounded person and not a political hack!

This week’s second Rising Star is Christine O’Donnell Christine is running for the Senate seat formerly held by “Say it Ain’t So” Joe Biden.  She is adamant about bringing the “national anti-Washington insurgency” to Delaware.  “I’m running because our nation’s founding principles of individual liberty and free enterprise are no longer viewed by our leaders as indispensable.”  You may have seen Christine on TV as a political commentator where she has duked it out with the likes of  Chris Matthews and Bill Maher.  One of six children, she says she was “raised by parents who taught me that while life can be hard, hard work will also make life better.  WOW – the true Anti-Biden!

Current Rising Star tally: Katherine Jenerette (Congress-SC), Allen West (Congress-FL), Les Phillip (Congress-AL), Steve Stivers (Congress-OH). Stay tuned for more!

Did You Hear That???? Howard Stern Calls 0bama A Communist

Texas Schoolbook Broo-Ha-Ha.  Frankly, I’m glad that someone finally decided to have textbooks lean more right for a change.  Liberals are going nuts over this, knowing that what happens with Texas textbooks translates to textbook contents throughout the country. IMHO, for too long textbooks have been “Wikipedia-ized”….written in ways that either change history or eliminate certain aspects that highlight conservative principles.  (Note: this is the liberal press at work – remember how the Tea Parties got practically zero coverage in Time and Newsweek?)  So if the pendulum swings more right this time, so be it.  Frankly, it’s better than the alternative:  Texas Takes A Stand For Accuracy In School Textbooks

Don’t Believe Me?  Check this out from Yid with Lid:  My Son’s Textbook “Screws” Ronald Reagan and John Paul II

Another Corrupt Appointee? Nothing about this administration and 0bama’s picks for cabinet and other positions surprises me anymore:  El Salvador Ambassador Will Face Spy Charges At Senate Hearings It seems that Mari Carmen Aponte has a lot splanin’ to do.  And here’s another one – 0bama’s nominee to oversee export controls at the Department of Commerce has major conflicts of interest:  Exports Nominee Tied To 2 Watch List Firms GEEZ – the incompetence, corruption and gall are amazing!

MUST SEE! We are all tired of fighting the craziness in Washington.  Remember the simpler times when we worked hard, achieved success through trying our best and didn’t need to spend all our free time fighting statism in our country?  Let’s go back to that time with something that will truly inspire you:  Red Skelton Pledge of Allegiance

Final Thought: “One of the traditional methods of imposing statism or socialism on a people has been by way of medicine. It’s very easy to disguise a medical program as a humanitarian project. Most people are a little reluctant to oppose anything that suggests medical care for people who possibly can’t afford it.” –Ronald Reagan on health care in 1961


P.S.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day – sure wish he could come back and drive the snakes out of Washington!

P.P.S.  I know I may have overloaded you with healthcare stuff this week, but this is it, folks.  Speak up now or be sorry!


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  1. David Wingfield says :


    That’s a good point. Makes you wonder if it was all preloaded and ready to unroll after a trojan horse was delivered to DC!?!?!?!?!? If you want to see another example of the same kind of inside corruption and Constitutional abuse, read ‘Lincoln Unmasked’ by Thomas DiLorenzo. You will get cold chills reading about the true Lincoln political machine and the way it tortured citizens’ rights. The chills get worse when you realize we are now governed by a Lincoln ‘wanna be’ from the same state and the same culture. Unification by force! Their mantra, their method!

  2. Mike Rethman says :

    Is it even possible to keep up with all the corruption in the 0bama regime? Geez, it seems deeply corrupt even when it comes to relatively small things like naming an ambassador to Costa Rica. Corruption, corruption everywhere!

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