HDR 72(1): The Nine Lives of 0bamaCare


I'm cute, but ObamaCare isn't!

And we thought it was over….why wouldn’t we?  The 0bama administration was rocked to the core when Scott Brown got elected to the Senate a few weeks ago.  The people screamed the message, “we’ve had enough” of the nonsense and the spending – most of all enough of the back room deals and opaque process surrounding healthcare reform.  In fact, we wanted healthcare reform GONE!  So what does 0bama do? He decides to open up a new dialogue on healthcare.  He wants to “come back and have a large meeting, Republicans and Democrats…”  This large meeting is supposed to happen on February 25 and will take 6 hours…in front of cameras.  Is this really a bi-partisan outreach or more smoke and mirrors from 0bama?  Sorry if I’m a bit cynical.  The Heritage Foundation is, too:  A Six-Hour Infomercial Can’t Save Obamacare But it looks like the Republican leadership is on to 0bama’s games.  They are refusing to meet unless the entire bill in its current form is scrapped and they start over:  Top House Republicans Throw Cold Water on Health Summit

I Wonder What The Statistics Are in The UK? It didn’t take the Dems long to turn John Murtha’s death into a plug for 0bamacare.  Now they are ready to assault doctors and scream that Murtha’s death is malpractice….who needs tort reform?  Heres a sane explanation about how Murtha may have died:  How Can Someone Die From Gallbladder Surgery?

Speaking of Murtha.  I don’t care what he did early in his life, his later years were nothing but nonsensical, obstructionist, posturing.  From a pork-garnering king.  Lest we forget:  An Insult To Our Democracy

Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Two Feet of Snow….will stop the global warming idiocy! On Monday, 0bama announced that he wants to form a new government agency to study global warming (aka climate change.)  So much for 0bama’s commitment to science, another of his campaign promises.  I guess if the science doesn’t support his agenda then it’s not valid.   This new agency will have several regional offices throughout the country, thus wasting even more of your tax dollars.  Is it 2012 yet?  0bama Proposes New Global Warming Agency BREAKING NEWS UPDATE:  announcement for new global warming agency had to be postponed because of second DC snow storm:  Blizzard Rearranges Climate Change Announcement Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor? 😉

Let It Snow, Let It Snow. The Dems hoped to pass the second stimulus today since the first one worked so well.  But that darn global-warming-caused snowstorm interfered:  Snow Slows 0bama’s Second Stimlus Hey Senators, here’s an idea:  stay home indefinitely.  We don’t need your stinkin’ stimulus.

No Further Comment Needed: Socialism Viewed Favorably by 53% of Democrats

Those Crazy Tea Party People! In case you didn’t hear Sarah Palin’s address at the convention last weekend, you can view it here:  Sarah Palin Keynote Address At Tea Party Convention Wow – those people are nuts!! *Smirk*

Talk To The Hand.  This is great….liberals were apoplectic because Sarah Palin had written notes on her hand and actually looked at them during the Q&A after her Tea Party convention speech.  Geez – why can’t she just use several teleprompters like 0bama?  This is the best part:  Palin Writes “Hi Mom” On Her Hand Too bad she’s really dumb and doesn’t have a sense of humor *Bigger Smirk*

Hawaii Is Getting National Attention!!! The campaign of Charles Djou is gaining momentum.  He even made an appearance on Fox’s late night talk show, “Red Eye” the other night.  Charles Djou On Red Eye GO CHARLES!

Gee – Why Don’t They Spell It Correctly? This story got no coverage in the lame-stream media – only Fox News has reported on it.   But it makes one wonder:  what are in those secret, not-to-be-released school records?  Could it be that 0bama can’t spell “potatoes”?  So much for the brilliant image of the 0bamessiah.    0bama Calls Navy Corpsman “Corpse-Man” And it happened three times.  While reading a teleprompter.  Let’s blame the spelling – it should be C-O-R-E anyhow, right?  But don’t be a conservative woman who writes on your hand…that would be outrageous!  Which leads us to….

"Am I not amazing?"

Little Barry Goes Back To School.  A statue of Barack 0bama that was erected in an Indonesian park is being removed.  It’s called “Little Barry” because that’s what he was called when he went to school there as a child.  Indonesians were outraged and demanded the statue be removed via a Facebook group, so “Little Barry” will be relocated to somewhere near his old school:  Indonesia To Remove Statue From Public Park BTW, the statue shows 0bama with a butterfly peacefully resting on his hand.  How adorable is that????

Where Is Don Quixote When We Need Him? Windmills Not Spinning in Minnesota

He Would Have Turned 99 on February 6:  Reagan’s Legacy President Reagan, we will have a wonderful present for you on your 100th – by then we will have broken the leftist liberal stranglehold on your beloved country!

The Small Business Lending Fund = TARP For Small Businesses.  Have you noticed how this administration tries to put different names on new initiatives that are exactly the same as programs from the past that were not popular?  Do they really think we’re that dumb?  Even more, do they really think?   0bama’s Permanent Slush Fund

Final Thought:  “Government always finds a need for whatever money it gets.”  Ronald Reagan



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