HDR 70(1): Where’s The Beef?


I know you are all anxiously awaiting 0bama’s state-of-the-union speech Wednesday night. Word on the street is that he plans to talk about helping middle-class families by proposing initiatives for child care credit, caps for student loan payments, blah, blah, blah:  Obama To Offer Aid For Families Listen for him to mention “the sandwich generation,” those Americans who are juggling college tuition for their kids and health care for their aging parents.  I strongly suspect that a focus group met so that 0bama could figure out what to say in this speech, and the sandwich topic was a winner (or maybe they were eating sandwiches.)  At any rate, health care is no longer a good subject, thanks to that party-pooper Scott Brown. So in this struggling economy where people need jobs, how are tax breaks to take care of kids going to lower unemployment numbers?  Prediction:  this speech will be an empty sandwich that won’t fill us up with anything but hot air.

I Voted Against The Spending Freeze Before I Voted For It.  During the 2008 presidential debates, John McCain proposed a spending freeze to help the economy.  0bama thought that idea was wrong, wrong, wrong!  Guess what 0bama will be proposing during his State of the Union speech?  obama Campaigns Against Spending Freezes ….. 0bama To Propose Spending Freeze Makes you wonder if we have a President who is schizophrenic, doesn’t it?  And here’s a great overview of what 0bama has spent during his first year in office:  0bama’s Historic Spending And Deficits

Ready, Set, Go!  A reader on The Patriot Post sent in this challenge – “I think it would be fun and also a good exercise for those of us who are going to listen to Mr. Obama’s State of The Union Address on January 27th to print off this list and keep count of how many times he says the following phrases, which I lifted from Mark Alexander’s essay, State of Disunion: “let me be clear,” “make no mistake,” “back from the brink,” “signs of recovery,” “restored our reputation,” “fiscal restraint,” “greed on Wall Street,” “affordable health care,” “relief for working families,” “job creation,” “inherited” as in “I inherited this mess.”  And some I’d be interested hearing him say:  “Constitution,” “Founding Fathers,” “Individual liberty.”  I’m sure many of you could more. In any event, keeping score might be a good way to vector in on this man’s next moves.” –Fred

The Big Cheese. Apparently, 0bama has a higher opinion of himself than we may have thought.  During a meeting at the White House after Scott Brown’s election, the Dems were comparing this year to 1994 when the Dems lost control of Congress after trying to shove healthcare down our throats (gee – why would they make that comparison??)  But guess what?  They shouldn’t worry because according to 0bama there’s a big difference in 2010 – HIM!  Yep – he actually claims that he is an asset…dare I say their savior?  Check this out:  “The Big Difference” Between 1994 and 2010

And If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Get Out….the source of 0bama’s statement is a Democrat Congressman from AR who just announced his retirement:  Marion Berry To Retire

Is Barack Obama Smarter Than A Sixth-Grader?  You may have heard that 0bama brought TOTUS when giving a speech to school kids last week:  Gateway Pundit OK….this story is misleading.  It appears that TOTUS was there but for a separate event at the school in another room.  It was an address to reporters about his “Race To The Top’ program: Speeding Up The Race To The Top So maybe we own him an apology – alas!  Could he be a great speaker after all?  Scroll down the page on the link and see how long his remarks are…you mean to tell me he couldn’t read this from notes and needed two teleprompters in their full regalia?  On second thought – no apology necesary.

Plouffe The Magic Dragon.  Since 0bama’s poll numbers have been spiraling downward lately, and because it seems everyone he campaigns for loses (did you hear he’s headed to Nevada for Harry Reid?  It’s true), Barack has re-hired his guru of audacity, David Plouffe. Plouffe is credited with masterminding 0bama’s successful Presidential campaign.  He even wrote a book about it called “The Audacity of Winning.”   Michelle Malkin likes to call Plouffe “The Spam Czar”

Alive And Kicking.  You think 0bamacare is dead?  Think again – Dick Morris outlines a scenario how Pelosi, Reid and comrades could sneak it through after all:  Secret Plan For Obamacare

Barney Frank  Throws Fannie & Freddie Under The Bus:  House Panel To Suggest Abolishing Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac So I guess after he broke up with Herb Moses, an executive at Fannie Mae, Frank couldn’t find another sugar daddy there.  Here’s a story from 2008 about Frank’s relationship with Moses:  Lawmaker Accused of Fannie Mae Conflict of Interest

His Number One Fan!  Have you heard of Ellie Light?  Apparently she (or is it he?) lives in Cleveland.  And Philadelphia.  And San Francisco.  And about a dozen other places:  Obama Has Suspicious Number of Letter-Writing Fans Named  Ellie Light So who is writing these letters and claiming to be a resident of all these places at once?  The answer is still unknown, but I have a feeling this story is about ready to bust wide open – stay tuned.

A Triumph For Free Speech. You probably heard about the Supreme Court decision last week that eliminated limits on corporate political spending:  Court Kills Limits on Corporate Politicking 0bama is vehemently opposed to this decision saying that it will flood political campaigns with special interest money.  Ah yes – the Hypocrite-in-Chief opines on the importance of running a clean political campaign, even though he rejected public funds for his own.  His Presidential campaign was the epitome of a special interest lovefest.

Final Thought:  “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in peoples’ minds.” Samuel Adams


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4 responses to “HDR 70(1): Where’s The Beef?”

  1. S. Wiltern says :

    Insightful blog. Actually, most of those who are currently part of the “sandwich generation life phase” are not Boomers, but rather are part of Generation Jones (born 1954-1965, between Boomers and Gen X). As numerous top national commentators have pointed out, GenJones voters might well decide the 2010 midterms, so it’s not a surprise to see the Obama administration targeting GenJonesers with these new proposals.
    BTW, “sandwich generation” is not an actual generation, but rather a term which has been used for over 30 years to describe the “sandwiched” life stage which various actual generations (Boomers, Jonesers, Xers, etc.) pass through.

    • giliar says :

      Thanks for the insight on the “sandwich generation” term. It’s interesting to see how many of us are torn in different directions when supporting family members. It seems that we’ve always supported our elders when necessary, but a big difference today is that our “children” need support for longer time periods in their lives (I put children in quotes because they are often beyond the age of what would be considered a child). In other words, it used to be uncool to move back home after college, but now it’s a common practice. It will be interesting to see how 0bama adresses this tonight.

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