HDR 69(1): I Have A Dream


What a week…and it’s only Hump Day!  So far we’ve remembered a man who had a dream, and another who is just beginning one.

Monday marked the annual celebration of an American hero, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In case you don’t recall the back story of that fateful day in Memphis in 1968 when he was shot, (at age 39….yes, 39!) here’s an excellent overview: MLK and Sanitation Workers Interesting to note (if you didn’t know this already) Dr. Martin Luther King was a Republican. Check out this great info from the National Black Republicans Association. MLK was also strongly pro-life. Here’s a note from his niece’s Facebook page posted on Monday: The Dream Includes Us All, Born and Unborn MLK wasn’t perfect, but he strongly promoted human rights and gave his life for the cause. He didn’t want a hand-out, he wanted equality and he left a lasting impression on history. We sure could use more strong, dedicated, honest leaders with principles. Which leads me to…

The Scott Heard Around The World!  Or….Is This A Dream? If you had told me a month ago that Brown would win this election, I would have thought you were nuts.  Of course, I secretly hoped it would be so, but Massachusetts?  The seat Kennedy held for 40 years? Surely you jest!  WOW – regardless of how the Dems and the White House try to spin this, it’s HUGE, and signals how disgusted people are with 0bama and his cronies.  The day before the election, Dick Morris posted an insightful piece on his website:  Massachusetts Is The Game Changer And the Dems are already playing the blame game, claiming that Coakley wasn’t a good campaigner, was a bad candidate, blah, blah, blah:  Rachel Maddow Show They are in full “circular firing squad mode” and it will be interesting to see what the Dems will do now with the healthcare bill. My friend, Rob, sent me this article on what might happen next – The Nuclear Option If Glenn Beck is right and 0bama and crew are true Marxists, Brown’s win won’t slow them down…in fact, they will be even more aggressive in getting this monstrosity passed.  Will the Dems in Congress continue to walk the plank for their Dear Leaders?  We’ll see.  But for now, I’m relishing this moment immensely!  I find exquisite irony in the fact that because Ted Kennedy – one of the biggest proponents of government-run healthcare – died, healthcare may now be DOA.  Ahhh – poetic justice!  As Sarah Palin posted on her Facebook page Tuesday night: Mr Brown Goes To Washington – In A Pick-Up Truck No Less! (That’s a picture of a GMC truck similar to Scott Brown’s – his has over 200,000 miles on it.  I’ve heard he plans to auction it off on EBay and donate the proceeds to charity.)  BTW….I wonder what charity 0bama has donated his $1.4 million in Noble Prize money to? If any of you knows, please fill me in! Or was that just another silly promise?

Not only did Scott Brown win Tuesday, but Chris Christie was inaugurated as New Jersey’s Governor.  Christie started the day attending Mass and ended it by celebrating with a pizza party – LOVE this guy!

Electing conservatives is catching – even Chile is getting on board!

How To Redefine History.  Or….Dream On.  Barack 0bama claims that Harry Reid has been “on the right side of history” because he’s a Democrat. This is wrong, plain and simple. The fact that Reid got a pass for his ridiculous remarks last week show the true hypocrisy of liberals and the Democrat party: Is Harry Reid Really On The Right Side Of History? And here’s Zo’s take on this whole thing. Zo is a young, Black conservative video-master and he claims that conservatives need to jump in and control the message. Good point: Republicans have done a terrible job showing they are not racists and that in fact, it’s the Democrat party that promotes racism, even today. Harry Reid and the Negro Thang

Haiti, Politics and Dreams. The people of Haiti had their dreams shattered by the horrible earthquake that shook that country last week. And who stepped up immediately to help with money, aid and troops? Was it China or Russia? How about Iran?  Of course, you all know the answer…it was us, the United States of America.  In fact, the US has given Haiti nearly $3 billion since 1992.  And while it’s important to help Haiti after this terrible tragedy, it won’t work to just throw money at the situation.  That’s been done before – read this article written in May, 2009, about why:  Haiti – The Land Where Children Eat Mud So what should the US do to help?  David Brooks wrote an excellent analysis in the New York Times:  The Underlying Tragedy

I Dream of Greenies.  Remember all the broohaha about Michelle 0bama’s garden?  It was part of her effort to go green and show us how to be self-sufficient and grow our own arugula (LOL!  She has 22 servants, but that’s beside the point.)  But horror of horrors,  it turns out Michelle’s patch of green is toxic!  Michelle 0bama’s Toxic Veggie Nightmare And it looks like a past President is to blame, but they can’t blame this one on Bush 😉

HDR Book Club – Here’s the first suggestion!  My friend Kim just told me about “Courting Disaster:  How the CIA Kept America Safe and How Barack Obama is Inviting the Next Attack.”   The author, Marc Thiessen, who was a speechwriter for President Bush, was actually in the room when sensitive intelligence information was shared.  Thiessen wrote Bush’s 2006 speech on why he was creating military commissions to try suspected terrorists.

Your Weekly Dose of Sunshine: Andrea Bocelli Sings the Our Father With the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Thanks to Bob for the link 🙂

Final Thought: “This is the most tragic picture of man’s inhumanity to man. I’ve been to Mississippi and Alabama and I can tell you that the hatred and hostility in Chicago are really deeper than in Alabama and Mississippi.” Martin Luther King Jr in 1968, after visiting the city that would shape future President Barack Obama

Final Thought, Part II: “Our Constitution and laws exist to protect this nation. Let me make it very, very, very clear: they do not grant rights and privileges to enemies in wartime….Our tax dollars should pay for weapons to stop [terrorists], and not lawyers to defend them.”  Scott Brown’s Victory Speech, 1/19/10


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4 responses to “HDR 69(1): I Have A Dream”

  1. David Wingfield says :

    I like your new format Gilia!

    I just attended a fairly important meeting in Richmond VA where we discussed the impact of the Mass. election on the global economy. Celebration aside, there is no denying the importance of the loudest of three not-too-subtle hints that the American people have sent to DC in the last 100 days. Journalism like this, through efforts like yours, is driving American awareness and determination. When the people of Mass. spoke yesterday, it was with a thunderous voice. Congress and the POTUS owe respect and obedience to working America. Let them deny us those things now at their own peril.

    Please keep up the good work Young Lady! It’s making a difference!


    • giliar says :

      Thank you, David!!!!! I agree with you completely on how the American people have now sent a loud and clear message to DC. What we all do makes a difference – I’m honored to be in touch with so many great patriots like yourself.

  2. Jerry Jacksonq says :

    Good morning Gilia and another great report you’ve created. Thank goodness for you. I forward your emails to my contacts in Hawaii and hopefully they too will start reading your reports on your blog.

    I’m hoping that perhaps you will give some thought to heading up an effort in Honolulu for a Tea Party rally on April 15th. Last year we had one and it turned out very well; however, it seems no one has started the effort yet. I recently assisted in registering voters at the rally last Sunday and it was terrific!! People are interested but all they need is leadership and I’m hoping that you and some of your friends will provide that effort. We need to get the Tea Party folks pushing for Republicans to start pushing for WE the People….

    Thanks again, and keep up the wonderful writings….Jerry Jackson-Honolulu, HI

    • giliar says :

      Aloha, Jerry – thanks for your kind words! Interesting that you should ask about the Honolulu Tea Party rally on April 15. I am headed to a training session tonight on the mainland where I will learn lots of useful information about planning such events. Stay tuned and stay in touch….a Honolulu Tea Party WILL happen!!!

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