HDR 68(1): Bombs Away!


There is an explosion happening in this country that is the equivalent of a political atomic bomb.  Last week, I wrote that 2010 is the new 1776 and it didn’t take long for that statement to be proven.  Several bombs have gone off in recent days that have changed the landscape of America in a huge way!

The Money Bomb.  Just a few short weeks ago, Scott Brown was a relatively unknown Republican state senator from Massachusetts.  He decided to run for the US Senate seat vacated by Ted Kennedy.  Running against a career politician who has the endorsements of all the usual suspects, (including Kennedy’s cronies, SEIU and ACORN) Brown was given very little chance of winning.  Until the money bomb went off.  On Monday, it was announced that there would be a one-day internet money bomb (an online fundraiser) for Brown.  The link to his website was Facebooked an Tweeted nonstop throughout the day.  Initially, the goal was to raise $500,000.  When that was met, the goal was raised to $750,000.  When that was met, the goal was raised to $1 million.  By midnight, Scott Brown’s money bomb raised $1,117,774.46.  Looks like we “astroturfers” have had enough of the politics of hype and chains.  UPDATE:  Pigs are flying!!!!  (Literally and figuratively) Scott Brown got the endorsement of the Boston Herald!

The Racist Bomb. So Harry Reid makes a racist comment and gets away with it…you could have knocked me over with a feather.  But now the Dems are in major “circle the wagons” mode and are trying to counterattack by showing Harry Reid’s record is in stark contrast to that of Republicans:  Dems Launch Defense to Save Reid Okay….which party started the Ku Klux Klan and which party was founded to fight slavery?   Sorry, Harry, you’re dark brown, burnt toast.  And while we’re on the subject, which former President thought 0bama would be a good coffee-server?  Hint:  Can’t blame this one on Bush!  And what former President said that “Negroes were getting pretty uppity?”  Check this out:  National Black Republican Association But wait – it gets better!  Guess which recently-ousted-big-city mayor thinks he’s “Blacker than 0bama”?  This one is much too easy…..

The Jobs Bomb.  Did you think all the money going to build new roads and bridges was creating new jobs?  Watch this.  (BTW – It’s Jason Chaffetz, the Utah congressman who  sleeps in his office to save taxpayers’ money.)  And you gotta love this one!  Since the stimulus isn’t “creating or saving” as many jobs as the 0bama administration would like (have there been any???) the recovery.gov website is now including ALL jobs that have been given any stimulus money as jobs created by the stimulus.  That’s right  so don’t worry about those silly little details like if the jobs really exist of if they really were created by our tax dollars.  Heck, who cares if they were even saved anymore?  Oh yeah, such stats will now only be reported quarterly instead of more frequently.  How’s that for being all hopey-changey?  0bama Administration Changes the Counting of Stimulus Jobs

The “Did He Really Say That” Bombs. Barack 0bama had some memorable quotes in 2009. Here are his top ten

The Approval Bomb (Likely Related to the “Did He Really Say That” Bombs, among other things:  Monday’s CBS News poll has 0bama at his lowest rating yet – 46%.  It’s the first time he’s gone below 50% in this particular poll.  And keep in mind it’s the liberal-leaning CBS News – the real number is probably even lower.

The Democrats’ Scheme Bomb.  My friend Rob sent me this great article from American Thinker about what the Democrats’ plan for this country really is.  Have you wondered why they are all marching in lock-step lately with 0bama, Pelosi and Reid?  With their poll numbers plummeting, why don’t they seem concerned about their own political futures?  This article explains it perfectly:  Understanding the Democrats’ Scheme It’s simple:  they don’t think they will ever have to face a real election again, and if their schemes work, they’re correct.  Read this article! BTW, I’ve added the link to American Thinker to the Blogroll listing on the right.

The Security Bomb.  A guy boards a plane from Amsterdam to Detroit with a bomb in his underwear.  He has no passport, no luggage, and buys his ticket with cash.  He also happens to be Muslim.  Luckily  the real bomb didn’t go off, but it very easily could have.  What did bomb is the supposed security system.  Thomas Sowell calls what we have in place now “Notional” Security and that’s a perfect description.

The 0bama Bank Bomb. In his infinite wisdom, 0bama now plans to tax banks that received bailout money to reduce the deficit.  Does he not realize that banks will just raise their fees to clients, namely us?  Here’s a novel idea:  quit the massive government spending to reduce the deficit!  0bama Weighs Tax On Banks

Final Thought:  “It’s NOT Ted Kennedy’s seat and it’s NOT the Democrats’ seat.  It’s the People of Massachusetts’ seat!”  Scott Brown



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