HDR 66(1): Naughty Or Nice?


I’m making a list and checking it twice.  Well, maybe I don’t need to check it twice since it’s pretty easy to determine “naughty” or “nice” with this three-ring circus in DC.  I sure wish I could deliver a lump of coal to some people in Washington….but wait!!  With all the enviro-naziism lately, coal will likely be declared a hazardous substance, just like carbon dioxide.  So I need to come up with an appropriate substitute to express my disdain with our leaders’ naughtiness….hmmmm.  Maybe something pink, with the words “you’re fired” on it?

Naughty – Anyone who votes for this ridiculous healthcare reform (aka 0bamacare).  Joe Lieberman appeared to be the voice of reason, but it now looks like he might cave:  Lieberman: Closer to voting for health care reform

But Pelosi heads the healthcare naughty list – when asked if 0bamacare was Constitutional, she merely replied with a botox-straight face, “Are you serious?”  Yes, we are:  Obamacare is Seriously Unconstitutional

Even worse, it is becoming more apparent that the Democrats are in panic mode to pass anything, no matter how bad it is.  Don’t be confused over the mantra that the public option is supposedly dead – the entire bill is a public option that will give the government unprecedented control over our lives and our economy:  Obamacare Is The Public Option

Sign this petition (costs nothing) by midnight Wednesday:  Grassfire Nation The petitions will be hand-delivered to your senators on 12/17.

BREAKING NEWS: Tom Coburn forced a reading of all 767 pages of the Sanders amendment on the floor today – NIIIIIICE!

Nice – Lt. Colonel Allen West gives me hope for the future of this countryYouTube – Congressional Candidate Lieutenant Colonel Allen West He’s running for congress in Florida.

Naughty – 2010 Omnibus Spending Bill. It has 5,224 earmarks and includes $448.6 billion in spending.  It passed Sunday (and why wouldn’t it – the Dems love pork) and will add to such important, critical projects like the World Food Prize in Des Moines, help for Carnegie Hall in New York, a wider street in Santa Ana, and a bike path in Michigan:  Business as Usual in Washington: Another Bloated, Pork-Filled Omnibus Spending Bill

How out of control is the Democrats’ binge spending under 0bama?  Here are some facts:  7 Things You Need To Know About Democrats’ Binge Spending

Remember this?  “If my administration evaluates an earmark and determines that it has no legitimate public purpose, then we will seek to eliminate it”  Barack 0bama, 3/11/09.  Maybe 0bama will veto the bill – LOL!

Nice – Howard Dean and Roland Burris.  Yes, you read that right – check this out:  VPR News: Dean On Health Care: “Kill The Senate Bill”

And there’s this:  Burris Pushes Back

While I disagree with their reasons I agree with the sentiment….probably the first and last time I will ever agree with Howard Dean and Roland Burris.

Naughty – Al the Goracle. He lied about the polar ice caps melting at an alarming pace:  Source Scientist Busts Al Gore for ‘Embarrassing Error’ About Arctic Ice

In fact, it looks like solar activity (not humans breathing, eating and driving cars) is responsible for those melting glaciers:  Here Comes The Sun

Let’s just say it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.

Nice – Sarah Palin’s surprise appearance on The Tonight Show. Is it just me, or did Denny Crane (aka William Shatner) seem smitten?   Sarah Palin On The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien

Naughty – 0bama thinking he deserves a B+. Oprah asked him how he would grade himself so far and that’s what he said….B+.  I’m not sure what kind of grading system he’s used to, but considering the fact that all his school records are sealed maybe he didn’t understand the question.  Or maybe he’s just clueless:    Obama’s Self-evaluation is Delusional

Nice – Santa and the Pips.  Turn up your speakers and enjoy this great version of a holiday classic, “White Christmas”:  Santa and Reindeer

Naughty AND Nice – Hillary Clinton. The nice part is that Hillary actually admits 0bama’s policy in Iran has been a failure.  The naughty part is that Hillary admits 0bama’s policy in Iran has been a failure.  Just wondering why she finds it necessary to admit failure at this time….with Hillary there is always an ulterior motive (hint:  2012).

YouTube – Hillary Clinton Admits Obama’s Iranian Policy Is a Huge Failure

Naughty – Me. I made a mistake in last week’s HDR when I wrote about the Supreme Court in Michigan’s shenanigans.  Maura Corrigan is a past Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice and current sitting Justice.  I left the “Chief” out last week so the sentence didn’t make sense.  Here’s a re-cap of the story:  New recusal rules for Mich. Supreme Court under fire

As I said last week, I’m proud to call Maura Corrigan my cousin.  You can hear her in this podcast. She will keep me posted on what happens with this obvious power-grab.

I Don’t Know If This Is Naughty or Nice – But It Sure Is Funny!  YouTube – He’s Barack Obama

Final Thought: “I guess we all have our own favorite Christmas memories, for this is the time of year when most of us try to be better than our everyday selves. For the past few years in this great house, I’ve thought of our first real Christmas as a nation. It was the dark and freezing Christmas of 1776, when General Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware. They and Providence gave our nation its first Christmas gift — a victory that brought us closer to liberty, the condition in which God meant man to flourish. It always seems to me that Christmas is a time of magic. Each December we celebrate a Prince, the Prince of Peace, born in utter poverty. And the fact of his birth makes hearts turn warmest at the coldest time of the year.” —Ronald Reagan (Dec. 13, 1984)

This will be the last HDR for 2009.  I am taking a couple of weeks off to celebrate the birth of Christ and the joys of this special time.  Thanks for your support and feedback – it is truly appreciated!  May all of you have a joyous Holiday season.  2010 is going to be a great year – the year we take our country back!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year



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